News & Events

News & Events

Partnership between Medical Bridges & Faith In Practice
Learn more about Faith In Practice’s ongoing partnership with Medical Bridges, an organization that provides medical surplus supplies to our volunteer teams.
Spring 2017 Newsletter: More Than Bricks & Mortar
God has called us together to do much. A new community made up of those who would never have met were it not for this mission. Companions on the journey from across Guatemala and the U.S. encouraging each other, loving each other, spurring each other on toward good deeds
Our 10th Annual Women's Luncheon: I Call Upon You

“Faith In Practice was an answer to my desire to seek a new opportunity and an answer to prayers of the people of Guatemala,” said Melissa Lent. “We have witnessed the agony of pain and suffering, but have also experienced the true meaning of hope, faith, healing, and answered prayer... Read More

April 2017 eNewsletter: This Holy Night

Tonight, he will offer to wash your feet again. He will stretch out his hand to you with bread, with wine. There shall be love in his eyes. And, sorrow. There shall be hope and promise. Pain and loss. All there in his eyes, as he offers himself to you once again. Yet, even as he asks... Read More

Dallas/Fort Worth Women's Luncheon: Fullness of Joy
On Thursday, March 9, 2017, we held our first ever Dallas/Fort Worth Women’s Luncheon, Fullness of Joy. We were so blessed to see the ballroom of the Trophy Club Country Club filled with volunteers, friends, and guests as we celebrated the women of Guatemala.
UT Physicians Recognized for Service with Faith In Practice
Lien-Thuy Nguyen, physician assistant and first-time volunteer, and Dr. Phil Johnson, internal medicine specialist and long-time volunteer and team leader, share stories from the Johnson Team’s January trip.
February 2017 eNews - I Do It For Love
It is for love that the comadronas, or traditional "midwives," serve the women and children in their communities. Learn about the extraordinary women who recently attended Faith In Practice's Traditional Birth Attendant Course.
Dallas/Fort Worth Women's Luncheon
The Faith In Practice Women’s Luncheon is expanding to Dallas/Fort Worth! Please join us Thursday, March 9, 2017 to hear our volunteers share inspiring stories of Guatemalan women who have shown fullness of joy even in the face of darkness.
December eNews - Glimpsing His Truth
'The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.' As I listened to John's cherished and familiar words, I saw our Guatemalan volunteer leaders' faces. I read those words again, only this time, 'The Word became flesh and dwells among us.'