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News & Events

Dr. Parsley and his daughter, Allie Curry - 2011
Giving 150%: Dr. Brian Parsley

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Spanish.  A touch, a hug, it matters,” said Dr. Brian Parsley as he addressed his orthopedic surgical team on their first day in Guatemala.  “It will make all the difference to them, and to you.”  Brian knew what he was talking about. He has been... Read More

Lent: An Alfombra Offering
This past week, Faith In Practice created an ‘alfombra’ or carpet in the streets of Antigua. Across Guatemala, throughout Lent, thousands of people kneel for hours crafting elaborate alfombras made of flowers and colored sawdust. Carpets laid in the streets, offerings over which,... Read More
Dr. Patty and Felicity practicing breech delivery with student
Saving Lives: Felicity Thompson and Midwife Training

After nine months of long preparation, a woman goes into labor. She, like most women in Guatemala, lives far from a hospital. She must rely upon thecomadrona, her local community birth attendant. These dedicated and competent women often do not have formalized training to... Read More

A Woman of Faith: Patty Baiza

Whether Dr. Patty Baiza finds herself standing on a podium with the Guatemala’s Vice Minister of Health talking about Cervical Cancer prevention, or before a group of eager students in a remote village in northwestern Guatemala about how to identify the cells that will kill, or whether... Read More

Be the Miracle Update: A Cacophony of Joy

Hilario Galindo was alive with noise this past week. Bulldozers grunting, with the occasional crash of a tree coming down. The echo of corrugated roof materials as the workers built temporary shelter for the workers who will work on the site over the next several months. The hum of... Read More

Open My Heart: Wilson's Story

Northwestern Memorial Hospital has named Dr. Wilson Hartz III as a recipient of the 35th Annual Commemorative Humanitarian Award for his work with Faith In Practice.  Wilson did not inform us... Read More

Rooted in God's Love: Minor Clinic Dedication

“It has always been a dream of mine to have a minor clinic at the Obras,” said Ray Maddox, PharmD, longtime Faith In Practice volunteer and board member.  In response, Dra. Hazel Quinonez, Medical Director of the Obras, said, “Let’s do it!”  Ray and Hazel are tireless when it comes to... Read More

The ballroom tables ready to host the guests.
6th Annual Women's Luncheon

Once again, this year’s Women’s Luncheon turned out to be an amazing event. We want to thank all, nearly 300, of you who joined in support of our wonderful speakers and this life changing medical mission. Our distinguished speakers, Kathy Cameron, Robin Hardwicke, Melissa King Nelson,... Read More

The 2013 Gala, Honoring the Weekley Family, Raised More Than $ 780,000

This record-breaking gala was filled with hope, laughter... Read More