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News & Events

Faith In Practice Responds - #GivingTuesdayNow

“You are not alone in this,” he said, “you are always in our prayers.” That’s what our longtime volunteer, Armando Nájera, told Felipe Gutierrez, our village medical clinic director, when he arrived in Jalapa Tuesday morning. Felipe traveled for many hours to deliver much-needed food... Read More

April 2020 eNews - His Catch

What do you do in the midst of a surreal, life-shattering event? When the narrative of your past has lost its ability to comfort, and your present floats suspended in time? When the path forward is disappearing into an ink-black night? You go fishing. The disciples are stunned. Three... Read More

Our Women's Luncheon Virtual Experience is Now Available!

Join us as we take a trip to Guatemala, hear from our CEO Rev. Linda McCarty, watch a special message from our team leaders, Kathy Huebner and Linda Johnson, who will return to Guatemala later this year, and connect with our event chairs. 


April 2020 eNews - Into Your Hands

The streets of Antigua are empty. No crowds stand silently, reverently, in the darkness waiting for Jesus to emerge from La Merced at dawn. Jesus, carrying his cross, hundreds of the faithful carrying Jesus. No pause, an acknowledgement of the offering, before the procession moves... Read More

March 2020 eNews - This Morning's Early Light

In this morning’s early light, I read, “I am here, Lord, to do your will.” Immediately what comes to mind are the healthcare workers across the U.S. and the world who opened their eyes this morning and wished that they did not have to rise, with less-than-adequate protective equipment... Read More

Strength In Weakness

This virus is reminding us all how fragile life is. How quickly our lives can change. Of what is important. This virus is reminding me why this mission is so important to me, to so many of you. We consistently marvel at our Guatemalan brothers and sisters who have learned to live with... Read More

February 2020 eNews - Hearts of Stone

A crumpled piece of paper hangs by a tack in my office. Scribbled in blue ink are the words, “The whole point of this mission is to see each others’ true hearts.” While it hangs within my line of sight each day, I fail to notice it. It was important enough once for me to tack it to the... Read More

December 2019 eNews - The Waiting Time

Advent is the Waiting Time. Advent gathers unto itself and cradles our waiting times. All of the times throughout the year when we find ourselves shuddering in darkness. Fighting, confused, defeated. In the darkness that obscures our ability to find a way clear, to genuinely hope for a... Read More

Four Star rating by Charity Navigator
Faith In Practice has once again been awarded four stars by Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities for transparency and efficiency.