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News & Events

Good Friday 2021 - Scar and Healing

There is no healing without the wound. There is no new life without the scar. There is no Easter without Good Friday. Bright and angry or dull and faded, the mark retells the story of wounding. Reminding us of violation, injustice, pain. Scar. Bathing salve that eases... Read More

March 2021 Devotional - Isolation and Vulnerability

On Ash Wednesday, many of us were sitting in the cold and dark while the winter storm raged. By candlelight, we read the words, “From dust you have come and to dust you shall return,” as we mourned yet another loss. No ashes mingled with oil to anoint our heads as we embarked upon our... Read More

February 2021 eNews - A Part of Me Is Missing

Ash Wednesday, the day we remember that the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. The day we ask the Lord to breathe new life into us yet again as we begin our journey from brokenness to wholeness by... Read More

December 2020 eNews - A Thrill of Hope

Christmas video

The hush of Advent falls over us as we await the Mystery of the Incarnation. The mystery that shall gently enfold and quietly astonish us in the days ahead. Advent,... Read More

Four Star rating by Charity Navigator
Faith In Practice has once again been awarded four stars by Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities for transparency and efficiency.
October Volunteer 2020 eNews - Blooming from the Soul

She sat across from me at the restaurant in Los Esclavos, Santa Rosa. She had been preparing for months for this day, the first day of our very first medical clinic in Santa Rosa, so I took the opportunity to ask her why. What would make someone volunteer to undertake such a clinic,... Read More

September 2020 eNews - Enlivened and Encouraged

“Courage is fear that has said its prayers.” I cannot remember when I first heard these words, but I have never forgotten them. Better said, I have forgotten and remembered them many times, as is often the case with words that hold truth within. We rediscover... Read More

August Volunteer 2020 eNews - Encouraged and Fed

I know you all are missing Guatemala. I am missing Guatemala. It is as if I am lacking an essential nutrient or vitamin. I can feel it physically, this absence. And, then I speak with Ana Garcia. As I listen to her words, I feel myself remembering, breathing it in, and finding myself... Read More

July 2020 eNews - Enfolded: César and Geovanni

Geovanni’s shoulders were slightly stooped, the only sign of the weight that this young man bore. As he bowed his head, he placed his right hand lightly on the wheelchair’s bright blue handle.