Volunteer FAQs

How do I become a volunteer?

If you are a doctor, dentist, nurse, other kind of medical or dental professional, or have other skills and you would like to volunteer a week of your time to serve on a Faith In Practice mission trip to Guatemala, please complete an online application by going to www.faithinpractice.org/become-volunteer and clicking on Apply Now.

How much does it cost to participate in a mission trip to Guatemala?

The trip fee for a seven-day mission trip is $1,015, and an eight-day mission trip is $1,070. This amount covers travel insurance, lodging, in-country transportation and most meals for seven days. This does not include the $125 annual application fee which is paid separately at the time of application. Therefore, the total cost for a Faith In Practice seven-day mission trip is $1,140, and the cost is $1,195 for eight-day trips. Additionally, each volunteer receives flight information from their team leader and is responsible for purchasing airfare to and from Guatemala City. Other expenses may include, unofficial transportation, some meals, and any tourist activities that there may be time for, such as city tours or shopping.

Are there age limitations for going on a Faith in Practice mission trip?

Faith In Practice is an adult mission trip. Only volunteers 18 or older should apply and anyone applying under the age of 18 needs to schedule an interview with the COO as part of the application process. There also must be a parent/guardian present on the trip not filling a medical role.

Can I join my family member, friend, or colleague on the same team?

Applications are reviewed on an individual basis. We cannot promise that multiple volunteers will be placed on the same team. Applications are accepted based on skill and availability for a particular role on the team.

When and how long are Faith in Practice mission trips?

Our main mission season generally runs from January through June, with a few teams serving from July through November. Mission teams serve for approximately one week each. During our 2018-2019 season, we successfully facilitated 40 different trips, at times having two to three teams in country at once, one at the hospital in Antigua and others working in rural village family practice clinics or regional partnership hospitals.

How does Faith In Practice raise support for medical mission trips?

All volunteers are asked to participate in the Share The Mission fundraising program. Through Share The Mission, volunteers invite their family, friends, colleagues, and community to join them through making a donation to the mission. Share The Mission donations are used to cover the costs associated with patient care on every mission, covering things such as supplies and medicines, patient transportation, and operational and administrative costs. (Share The Mission donations are separate and distinct from volunteer trip fees, which cover different costs.) 


Share The Mission is essential in funding the work of Faith In Practice volunteer teams in Guatemala.