Casa De Fe

Casa de Fe

In January of 2003, Faith In Practice opened the doors of Casa de Fe (House of Faith), our patient guest house that serves as a haven for recovering surgical patients and their families who travel long distances for care. Without this special place, many of our patients and their families would be left on the streets or in unsafe hotels.


Since the opening in 2003, visitors have found clean beds, received hot meals, and recovered in the safety of Casa de Fe. They can stay there for as long as they need until they are strong enough to return home. As of 2015, Casa de Fe has provided over 170,000 beds nights for our patients and their families, who find rest and healing at this save haven.



Line the walls of the Casa de Fe with messages of hope and healing. You can dedicate a tile in honor of a loved one or to commemorate your team’s service in Guatemala by making a  minimum donation of $125. At your request, Casa de Fe will place your tile on their wall.


Tile inscription: Please specify inscriptions in the note field. If adjustments in your  inscription are required, the Administrator at Casa de Fe will contact you.


4” x 4” tile (inscription up to 42 characters): $125 minimum donation

6” x 6” tile (inscription up to 64 characters): $500 minimum donation

8” x 8” tile (inscription up to 108 characters): $1,000 minimum donation

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