Surgery Huebner Antigua

Most of Huebner Team 624Jeremy with his sweet mama in pre-op.Dr. Jeff Chimenti in the OR.Team Wani poses for a quick snap mid-case.Dr. Jeff Chimenti and Mike Garza count instruments.Dr. Dennis Knoernschild says good anesthesia should look very boring.Mike Garza scrubbed in with Dr. Chimenti.Jeremy is all smiles before surgery!Kathy squeezes a dab of ointment out for Mike.Team ENT completing their surgical report and post-op orders.Sonia Moran with one of the sweet patients she worked with in triage!Faith in Practice team orientationThe Drs. Boone!Maria Haydee López, one of our in-country volunteers, with patients on triage day.And a sillier side of Huebner Team 624!On triage day, the team prays with all of the patients before we begin. We also sang Happy Birthday to one of the Faith in Practice employees!Obras orientation on triage dayThe ladies of the PACU!At Casa de Fe, a little girl and her mom receive these sweet dresses, donated by you!Another mother daughter pair on our trip! Amy is our pharmacist, and Kathy is an RN.Tammy is always camera ready! Toni Laas and Amy Leigh Paul in pre-op.Amy Kaylor, our pharmacist, ready to dispense medicine for the day.Bob Ewing gives this little girl pointers before she delivers the final hit to the pinata!Tammy Estrada and Sam McClanahan mid-case!Adults love piñatas, too!Kathy Huebner comforts one of our youngest patients before his surgery.Team ENT reviewing the day's schedule.Cam Dean loving on this sweet boy in recovery.Amy Kaylor mixes a suspension in recovery.Diane Johnston is on the hunt!Evan Huegel, our clergy, comforts patients awaiting surgery.Sam McClanahan gives me a smile while caring for a patient just out from surgery.Dr. Boone, Dr. Boone & Dr. Daily (and Minnie)!Our nurses deliver magnificent care.Sally and Toni playing with patients in pre-op. Everyone loves a tiny stuffed animal!Dr. Raja Palvadi and Sonia Moran prep a urology patient for anesthesia.Dr. Manish Wani evaluates a young man in triage.Team ENT on triage day with one of their patients.Jeremy smiles for the camera during his anethesia screening.Dr. Jeff Johnston completes Jeremy's anthesia screening.Dr. John Boon, urologist, and Karina Contreras, interpreter, answer Felipe's questions during triage.Evan Huegel, our clergy, hands out cookies to patients awaiting triage. He prays with many of them, too!Dr. Terry Villarreal and his interpreter, Karina Fernandez, review a patient’s file.Vivian MacDonnell, our ward doc, loves on one of her favorite patients during triage.Anesthesia is busy on triage day! Dr. Raja Palvadi and Sonia Moran conduct an anesthesia screening with a patient programmed for surgery.Vivian MacDonnell gives instructions for surgery prep while Dr. Knoernschild checks vitals.Dr. Manny Ayyar, general surgeon, and Toni Laas, interpreter, pose for a photo with their patient during triage.Scrub techs set up the operating rooms.Like father, like daughter. Caitlin and Sam McClanahan.Lunchtime!Dr. Manny Ayyar and Toni Laas catch a quick break during triage.Lunchtime!Dr. Manny Ayyar and his wife, Dr. Monika Ayyar, study a patient during surgery.Nurse Cam Dean in the recovery room.Mikki WIlson and Eileen Davis, urology teammates, pose for a pic at the end of the day.Dr. Dennis Knoernschild working anesthesia in the GYN room.The general surgery team!Kathy Huebner, BSN, scrubs in during an abdominal hysterectomy.Dr. Manish Wani is in the zone.Dr. Terry Villarreal during another ENT case.Dr. Camille Boon, gynecologist, and Dr. John Boon, urologist, working to remove a massive fibroid from a gynecological patient.Laura Cousar, team administrator, gives an update at the meeting. Laura hands out postcards from prayer partners at First United Methodist Church in Sugar Land.Caitlin McClanahan and Sally Kolenda lead praise and worship during devotional.These crosses are given to each team member as a symbol of the mission.With no cook on the team this year, Kathy and Bridget have been pulling double duty!The urology team poses before starting their next case.Bob Ewing and Bridget Yeung clean up after another delicious meal!The McClanahan father daughter duo in matching hats!Amy Kaylor reviews medications in her pharmacy.Anesthesiologist Terry Villarreal during an ENT case.Cassie McClanahan’s recipe for banana bread!Marilyn Ewing coats the banana bread tins before baking.Bob Ewing reviews the construction of this column at Casa de Fe.A patient relaxes on a bench at Casa de Fe.Bridget Yeung, financial manager, is moonlighting as our cook this year! We stopped at Epicure to pick up chicken for the soup she’ll make for Casa de Fe.Bridget admires my mango at checkout.Every time Bridget makes a purchase on behalf of the team, she has to fill out paperwork. The attendant was surprised when I took the photo!Bob Ewing and Bridget Yeung pick up banana bread for breakfast at Doña Luisa’s, a team favorite!When they’re not baking, Cassie and Marilyn help Casa de Fe staff with laundry.Cassie McClanahan preps banana bread for Casa de Fe guests. A shower stall at Casa de Fe.Our Casa de Fe liaisons let me take one photo with their hair nets on. From breads to cinnamon rolls, this pair has been baking all week! Casa de Fe guests give them 5 stars!Two of our patients arrive back at Casa de Fe to recover from surgery.Casa de Fe is the Faith in Practice Gerson of Ronald McDonald House.Casa de Fe recycles!Guests dry their laundry on the roof of Casa de Fe.The residence is divided with men’s quarters upstairs.FUMC Sugar Land supports the Casa de Fe tile program.The women’s quarters are downstairs.

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Triage day is one of the busiest days of the trip. For an interpreter, you’re busy from start to finish. This is my 11th trip, and I always support the gynecology team – my dad, Dr. Gene Huebner, and adopted grandfather, Dr. Harold Daily. It’s a well-oiled machine and truly one of my favorite... Read More
I can’t believe it’s already May 11. It is just after midnight, and once again, my parents, the Huebners, and I are packing donations in trunks and finalizing morning logistics. And why wouldn’t we be? We don’t have to be at IAH Terminal C for six hours, so if we hustle, we can get four hours... Read More