Village Chenault Totonicapán

Orientation at Casa de FeDr. David and Bette Chenault by the tile dedicated in their honor.One of the "Redhats", our local Guatemalan volunteers with a box for the Pharmacy.Bill Fargo unloading an important commodity - water!Felipe Gutierrez, the FIP Village Medical Clinic Director, moves a desk.Heather Schulze and Brad Moss loving an examination table.Our Padre, Paul Nazarian leads the morning devotional.Kristel and Blanca (in wheelchair) lead the orientation for the Mobility Clinic.Catherine Treseler and Gloria Silva move one of the trunks.One of the local volunteers unloading the truck.Jessica Stevens, Judy DeMorest, and Meagan Guidry discuss the plan for the Audiology Clinic.Sally Shu gets her audiology equipment unpacked.The Pediatric Team - Dave Henessey, Bill Nix, Rachel Duncan, and interpreter Kevin Jaramillo - are ready!Wheelchair boxes coming into the Mobility Clinic.Wheelchair carts coming off the truck.Another of the Redhats with a heavy wheelchair box.David Chenault, John Parker, and Joe Austin help unload the big truck of supplies.Inocenta's son realizes that he will no longer have to carry his mother.90-year-old Inocenta sits in her new wheelchair.Brad Moss numbs Yohanna's gums prior to extraction of four teeth.The life of Inocenta's daughter-in-law will change, too.New hearing aids make this woman very happy.Patients waiting for the clinic to open.The long line of patients waiting for the clinic to open.Yohanna's gums are ready to be numbed.Brad and Polly Moss begin to treat 6 year old Yohanna.Woman with typical long braided hair and blanket on head.Patients waiting for the clinic to open.Patient receiving her anti-parasite medicine.Patients seated waiting for triage.Bette Chenault and interpretor Delilah DeSouza interview a patient The triage area.Team 621 Chenault Village TotonicapánA man with very little hearing is fitted for a hearing aid.Trying out the new walker.Meagan Guidry makes a mold for a hearing aid.Marilyn Ewing visits with one of the patients.Marilyn Ewing entertains the child of one of the Lab patients.Beth Fair receives a hug from a women thrilled to receive a pair of reading glasses.The Judy DeMorest and Meagan Guidry examine a young girl who has not heard since she was two.Beautiful nine month old whose mother was concerned about her.Heather Schultze examines the baby.Heather Schultze checks the baby's ears.It is all smiles with the new hearing aid!Meagan Guidry and Judy DeMorest prepare to see if Andre's new hearing aids will allow him to hear again.24-year old cerebral palsy victim, Francesca, is fitted for a special wheelchair by Anneliese Lewis.High fives!!  Andres can hear again!Final adjustments of the pads on Francesca's wheelchair.Judy DeMorest enjoys a big hug from Andres.Yeimi is being taught how to respond if she hears sound.Meagan Guidry and Judy DeMorest test 6-year old Yeimi for hearing viability.Final adjustments for Francisco's wheelchair.It is all smiles for Andres and his father, Noe.Maria is carried into the Mobility clinic by Joe Austin and her grandson, Manuel.Don Heineman makes final adjustments to Maria's wheelchair.101-year old Maria was fitted with a life changing wheelchair.The patient line at Pologuà stretched from the school at the far right  all the way up the hill.Maria sits in her new wheelchair for the first time.Karen Preston tells Maria and Manuel how the wheelchair adjusts.Karen Preston shows Francisco how to set the brake on his new wheelchair.Francisco is placed into his new wheelchair.Inspecting the wheelchair to insure proper fit.

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