Surgery Preston Antigua

Jaime orients the groupPaul presents at Casa de FeGroup photo at the Obras.  Ready to begin!Full attention at orientationThe honor of praying with those that put their trust in usPatients and families awaiting their turn for triage

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Noon Saturday      At last!  We have arrived and have already begun our adventure in Antigua for our Faith In Practice mission. Yesterday was a day of witnessing the renewing of friendships, meeting and welcoming of new volunteers, having hours to talk to Faith In Practice volunteers while in... Read More
Today, as I busily pack my suitcase and prepare to be Team Preston's blogger, I am acutely aware of the jittery feelings of insecurity I have about the upcoming week.  My mind is racing with questions, such as, "What if I can't figure out the technology involved?  Will my blogs be interesting... Read More