Surgery Stempel Antigua

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10:18pm: We’re on our final hour in the air from Houston to Portland. It’s been another long day of travel, leaving Antigua at 9am by bus. Leaving Guatemala City, killing time in the Houston airport, and now almost back to our own realities back in the States. Yesterday was our final day. A... Read More
2:06PM: It’s our last day at Las Obras for our fourth and final day of surgeries. Spirits are high, and the team only has a handful of surgeries left before packing up and preparing to head home. As this final day starts to come to a close, I’ve started to talk more with our team members about... Read More
9:21am: Today I am following our team of cooks to see what their daily schedule is like. Our team of five cooks wakes up at 4:30am to start breakfast for the group. Breakfast is ready by 6am every morning, so the team can gather as a group at 6:30am for morning devotion and prayer. After the... Read More
12:38pm: Today was the second day of surgeries. Even after a long day yesterday, the team got in early and quickly outlined their surgery schedule for the day (and following days) for each operating room. As a non-medical volunteer, it was a little weird for me the first day to get used to the... Read More
12:23pm: The team is halfway through their first day of surgeries, and everyone is taking their breaks to eat a quick lunch. On triage day, each patient was given their surgery day but no exact surgery time. Despite having rough estimates for each procedure, it’s hard for the doctors to know... Read More
6:20am: The team woke up this morning to the most incredible view of El Volcán de Fuego. Good morning, Team Stempel! The light behind the volcano made our first morning here in Antigua special and was the perfect backdrop for our first morning devotion with Father Bill. We gathered after... Read More