Village Wells Petén

Team having breakfast at Las Faroles our first morning togetherMore team members at breakfastOur team arrives at Casa de FeInside Casa de FeTouring one of the dormitories at Casa de Fe

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Today began even earlier than usual.  We brought our bags to the bus before devotions which were at 5:00 a.m.  Betsy led devotions today and read us part of a speech that Robert Kennedy gave the night Martin Luther King was killed.  He urged us, as a country, to live with love, wisdom, and... Read More
Our devotion this morning focused shifting our mindset from “I have to do some task” to “I get to do another prostate exam, or pull another tooth or another……..  To close, we learned a song:  “Go now in peace, go now in peace.  Let the love of God surround you everywhere, everywhere you may go... Read More
Pre-breakfast devotions this morning were led by Deb (DPT). She raised the questions, “Why am I here?” and “What is needed that I can provide?” She reminded us of the story of Esther from the Bible. Esther was a beautiful Jewish young woman who was discovered by the servants of King Xerxies,... Read More
Today our devotion was led by Dr. “G.I.” Jim.  He asked us all to say the Lord’s Prayer together and then focused in on the part, “Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done.”  Not putting oneself first, but instead helping others first is what this part of the prayer is about.  This is what we’re out... Read More
We met outdoors for devotions, led by Kayleen at 5:30 a.m.  She read us these words by Rachel Remen: “Many times when we help we do not really serve. . . . Serving is also different from fixing. One of the pioneers of the Human Potential Movement, Abraham Maslow, said, "If all you have is a... Read More
Today we started early and traveled by two buses to the town of Poptun in the Department of Petén.  It was a long, 8-hour trip, broken every two hours or so for a bathroom break and once for a delicious lunch prepared by Hector.  As we traveled, the landscape changed from dry and mountainous... Read More