Village Johnson Suchi/Reu

Orientation at Casa de FeCheryl Gans at Casa de FeGifts for sale at Casa de FeIvan Gomez, Janet Sargent, Julie Eberly, and Donna Moore in AntiguaEvening in AntiguaEvening in AntiguaVolcan de Fuego and damage from last year's eruption, seen on the way from Antigua to RetalhuleuA super-friendly welcome committee of volunteersVolunteers help move medical supplies from the truck into the clinic siteRev. Andy Gans carries in a wheelchairChris Johnson moving in suppliesJoe Lopez and Tom O'Brien carry in a wheelchairJohn Riggs helps set up the Gynecology clinicTwyla Brack, Robin Hardwicke, and Flory EsquivelThe Pharmacy Team - Stacy Alexander, Trish McElroy, Craig Walker, Cindy Pekow and Sylvia PetersonThe whole team with a welcome sign made just for Team JohnsonTeam Leader Phil Johnson greets the nursing staff at Hilario Galindo HospitalThe team prayer before work begins in the clinicGeorge Giannoni examines a patient in the wheelchair clinicChar Schumann tests a patient's blood sugar in the laboratoryDr. Bernie Gallacher examines an x-ray that a patient brought alongLori Eisenbach with a young patientDr. Mary O'Brien hugs her patient goodbyeA patient is lifted into his new wheelchairSome extra help in the dental clinicJanet Sargent RN assists a patient in the wheelchair clinicMoving a patient into the wheelchair clinicDr. Roger Kaestner in dentalFidelia gets fitted for a wheelchairThe General Medicine teamRoberto gets his reading glasses!Julie with her new friends Julie Eberly reads to the group during the morning devotionalPam Gallacher greets patients as we enter the clinic siteMildred Lopez Piniero with a patient in Dermatology George Giannoni and Julie Eberly applaud for a very patient patientDr. Chris Johnson in General MedicineTeam Leader Linda Johnson in triageDr. Silvia Recinos keeps a young patient occupiedPhysiatrist Donna Moore with a wheelchair clinic patientLarry Shamp and a volunteer at the Dermatology clinicDoug Alexander translates for Michael Spohn in the General Medicine clinicStacy Alexander with a patient getting reading glasses in the pharmacyLori Eisenbach and her new friendThe security team helps out with carrying wheelchairsThe whole team at the end of the first clinic sessionCathleen Riggs and Cindy Pekow during set up in the new village siteLocal volunteers, known as "Red Hats", help check in the patientsAna Garcia and Flory Esquivel - the amazing VIA Cryo teamRoger Kaestner, one of our dentists, helps out with wheelchairs during a rare lullSonia Alizzi in triageCathleen Riggs works the ear lavage stationRev. Cheryl Gans assembling a wheelchairIvan Gomez screws in a wheelJoe Lopez translates for Herman, seen in his new wheelchairPatients in triagePaul McElroy in triageLinda Johnson in triageChris Johnson meets some patients who came from Totonicapan, 5 hours awayThe patients' waiting areaRebecca Bloch-Lopez translating in pediatricsJanet Sargent translating in the wheelchair clinicDr. Debra Caspers in pediatricsRev. Andy Gans with a new friendPharmacist Sylvia Peterson prays with a patientThis patient is a teacher at the school where we set up and he wrote this poem for our teamWheelchair clinic members pose with IlianaThe pharmacy team hard at workTom O'Brien and his helper, GerardiPam Gallacher in the Gynecology clinicOne of our amazing bus drivers, Cesar, helps a patient get medication from the pharmacyTwyla Brack translates for Robin Hardwicke in GynecologyThe whole team celebrates the end of the week!

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Day 6 – Last Day
Totals from previous day:
General Med - 197
Pediatrics - 77
Gynecology - 40
Dermatology - 41
Dental 34/extractions - 68
Cervical screening - 41/Biopsy - 1/Cryo - 1
Wheelchairs - 17/Walkers -5/Canes - 6/Crutch - 1
Referrals... Read More
Totals from previous day:
General Med - 194
Pediatrics - 61
Gynecology - 59
Dermatology - 45
Dental 55/extractions - 30
Cervical screening - 38
Wheelchairs - 25/Walkers -2/Canes - 2
Referrals - 87
Total # patients - 568
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Totals from yesterday: General Med - 166
Pediatrics - 72
Gynecology - 46
Dermatology - 70
Dental 74/extractions - 131
Cervical screening - 48/Biopsy - 1/ Cryo - 1
Wheelchairs - 18
Referrals - 113
Total # patients - 607
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Four men arrived carrying sticks today. What sounds like the beginning of a silly joke became my beautiful glimpse of God’s kingdom. It didn’t take long to realize these sticks were sturdy companions, steadying the feet on the rugged terrain. They were worn, yet strong, much like these men. As... Read More
The number of patients served on Monday are below: General Med - 141
Pediatrics - 63
Gynecology - 37
Dermatology - 36
Dental 65/extractions - 112
Cervical screening - 44/Biopsy - 1/ Cryo - 1
Wheelchairs - 20
Referrals - 103
Total # patients - 509... Read More
We were up at 5 am. Pastor Andy and his wife Cheryl led us in an uplifting devotional and song, at 5:30 am. Cindy Pekow handed out prizes for the “scrubs costume” contest: Dr. Silvia Recinos was dressed in Traje (traditional Guatemalan dress), Debra Caspers was an angel, Cheryl Gans was a... Read More