584 - Surgery Hartline Antigua

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Team Hartline Outside Las Obras on June 3, 2018 - Smoke from Fuego can be seen rising behind the hospital  Today is Thursday, June 7th. For me the day started 15 hours ago when my alarm woke me at 2am to catch a bus to Guatemala City for a 6:30 flight to Miami.  Due to the... Read More
You may be wondering what is happening at Las Obras Hospital and how the volcano has affected our work here. First of all, let me make it clear that the victims of the volcano were taken to Guatemala City for care and we are not seeing any of those patients here at Las Obras. The surgeries... Read More
Stacy and her family Today is Wednesday, June 6 and we have two full days of surgeries behind us. So far our four surgeons have performed 54 surgeries in two days. Dr. Paul Free (Georgia) and Dr. David LaPatka (California) have been performing adenectomies, tonsillectomies, sinus surgery... Read More

Dr. Peter. Hollimon Operating room #1 is a busy place. Dr. Peter Hollimon (Texas), a general surgeon and his team performed life-changing surgeries for eight patients on Tuesday. It is a family affair in OR 1 as Dr. Hollimon’s assistant is his wife, Mary Arno.  Mary’s... Read More
This may be the last blog posted for Team Hartline. The current situation is that volcano experts are concerned that another powerful eruption may occur. Local officials are advising residents to stay off the roads and we have seen a decline in the number of patients arriving for... Read More

Fuego from our hotel Sunday morning   When I accepted the assignment of team blogger my plan was to write about events from each day in chronological order. But my plan has changed. Pastor Hatch reminded us this morning in chapel that there are two kinds of time mentioned in... Read More