583 - Surgery Boutros Antigua

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Today was our final day.  Time has flown by here, but not without some blood, sweat, and prayers.  Our goal today was to finish strong, ending our time in Guatemala on a high note. Coincidentally, today was the Festival de Corpus Christi, or the Feast of the Body of Christ.  Today the citizens... Read More
Even though two packed days of operations had passed, the Boutros team refused to slow down. With our standard breakfast of champions (black beans and plantains) and our daily devotional, we headed to Las Obras. One of our urologists, Dr. Amukele, treated a 69-year-old patient, Cruz, suffering... Read More
Day 2 was just as busy as yesterday. After breakfast and our morning devotional we all headed to Las Obras. Our administrative queen, Letitia, coordinated all the surgeries and their corresponding scrub techs, nurses and anesthesiologist. Our resident dentist, Dr. Syal was operating out of... Read More
Today was our first day of surgeries. The team began the day with a full breakfast prepared by our kitchen volunteers.  Juanitta, Kris, and Angel catered to everyone’s needs, making sure the group was properly fed and caffeinated for our long day ahead. After our morning devotional, filled... Read More
Our first day in Antigua was the most hectic, as always. Triage Day. Today we give consults to all the patients to be seen in the next week, inputting their information, accounting for needed medications, and setting up the operating rooms (ORs).  The calm mist of morning would prove to be an... Read More