580 - Surgery Preston Antigua

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Last night, we spent time together celebrating Shabbat and reflecting on the week. Many team members shared what this mission trip has meant to them and about in what ways they have been impacted by others throughout the week. Last Friday we came together, most of us strangers to one another,... Read More
As a college student, I purposely don't schedule any of my classes before 10:40 a.m. just so I have the option of sleeping until at least 10:15 a.m. if I feel like it. Today was the fourth day I've set my alarm clock for 5 a.m. and ended up waking up before it even goes off out of excitement... Read More
I apologize for the delay in some of the posts, with the combination of the WiFi not always being able to connect and the application that we use to upload posts being down, I haven't been able to keep everyone as up to date as I hoped! As mentioned earlier in the week, each member plays an... Read More
Walking out of our casita, I couldn't help but to pause for a moment and take in the view. The lush grounds dripped with last night's rain as the fountains began running and birds chirped from within the branches of the trees. The usual haze that blocked the horizon had lifted to reveal the... Read More
Today was a day full of successes, flexibility and celebration. Tonight not only did we celebrate the end of our first day of surgeries at Las Obras, but we also celebrated the birthday of one of our own, Annabel!   Breakfast at 5:30 a.m. called for multiple cups of coffee to start the day.... Read More
We are three days into our journey and our team is finally complete! The last of us arrived just in time for the beginning of the busy week. We began our morning with breakfast at 6:15 a.m., followed by our second devotional given by Pastor Beth. As we each begin our journey on this mission... Read More