579 - Surgery Davis Antigua

New introductions

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Day 5 May 9, Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord. Share your story of your faith. It is so hard for some because we leave ourselves open and vulnerable. Jesse Evans, our spine surgeon said telling about his Faith In Practice mission trips was a great opening for sharing his faith. For me, it is... Read More
May 8th, 2018 Encountering the Radiance of God’s love. This morning I asked the Faith In Practice volunteers to share stories about how the Guatemalan people had impacted their lives. Kevin, a nurse anesthetist talked about a young woman who had been hit by a car. She was abandoned by her... Read More
Monday May 7, 2018 Shine on Through "Dial Hope" is a 24-hour global telephone and internet ministry providing daily faith-based, non-denominational messages of encouragement, inspiration and care. DialHope.org provided this message in English and Spanish, written by Pastor Joe Albright. It is... Read More
Day 2 Faith In Practice May 6, 2018 Jesse Evans, an orthopedic spine surgeon, shared his faith in front of everyone this morning. He spoke from his heart and said, that he grew up Catholic, married a Baptist, and lacked a personal relationship with Christ. He told his story of being invited... Read More
Day 1 May 5, 2018 We traveled from all across America to Antigua, Guatemala. We freely give of our time, talents, and treasures to be the body of Christ. Wise men traveled as they had received word about the Messiah. The men and woman of Faith In Practice received word from a messenger to... Read More