577 - Surgery Smeck/Card Antigua

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Written by: Kristin Huffman, DMin I am writing this on the plane from Guatemala City to Houston, which for me is home. Over half the team has another leg after that, making it a really long day to get all the way to their own beds tonight. So many images fill my mind as I reflect on the past... Read More
Written by: Johana, Betancourt, Mary Kim, DMD, Alessondra Villegas, RN, To say this week has been a blessing is an understatement. All three of us came to Guatemala not knowing anyone or what to expect but with different skill sets and an eagerness to serve. Alessondra, an OR nurse from New... Read More
  Written by Doug Theisen While our operating rooms are busy this week with surgeries, there are other important Faith In Practice activities, including dental and audiology services. The dental clinic has three chairs and provides for a range of work from teeth cleaning to filling cavities... Read More
By: Cindy Mendoza

Cindy Mendoza, pharmacist with OR nurse

(L-R) Lenore Wyrick, FNP, Allison Theisen, CRNA, & Sarah Blalock, RN receiving post-op patient
    It is humbling to witness Guatemalan patients walk from pre-op to the operating room.... Read More
By: Ker Thomson, MD It has been a year since I was last here in Guatemala, on a mission trip with Faith In Practice (FIP). If you will forgive me, I will recap a seminal understanding that eluded me for the first two trips here. It puts the point of this blog in context. Faith In Practice... Read More
By Kathy Cameron, RN
The first full day at the Obras is always a bit chaotic.  Several hundred patients and family members greet us as we walk in the door.  Patiently they wait as we get our act together for triage. During triage we see patients in individual clinics, decide... Read More