574 - Village Johnson 2 Totonicapán

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Friday morning arrived early for Team Johnson, and we started the day with our devotion.  Pastor Andy wrapped up his series about how God molds us into vessels that leverage our talents to serve his people. As we shared our stories about how we used our talents to serve the people in San... Read More
A man came into the clinic suffering from Bell's Palsy. He has been experiencing the effects of facial paralysis for over two years. In addition, he began losing his vision on the same side. He thought the loss of vision was related to the palsy. But as he was being examined at the clinic,... Read More
The devotion this morning focused on how God has filled each of us with unique talents - talents that we are called to use to serve His people. But many of us shared feelings of worry, concern, and anxiety about how we would be able to use and coordinate our talents to serve the people of... Read More
Team Johnson showed up bright and early for the second day at San Francisco El Alto. The line outside the site of the clinic looked a little shorter than Monday. But as we walked into the clinic, we realized it was actually much longer as hundreds of people were already in the site waiting... Read More
The day began with a devotion on how God forms us to be vessels of compassion and service. It was a beautiful devotion delivered in both Spanish and English. It caused each of us to wonder how our talents would be used this day. Many of our team had been members of previous Faith In Practice... Read More
A friend once told me that he always feels God’s presence when birds are singing. God was definitely present to the Johnson Village team early this morning with a chorus of birds welcoming us to the morning in Antigua. We followed that with a devotional led by Pastor Andy on how Jesus invites... Read More