572 - Surgery Mirelez Reu

Surgery Team MirelezSurgery Team MirelezSo many people waiting today since 8.30amThe first patients walk inLynette prays over anxious patientsLynette prays over anxious patientsEveryone is so patientThe local Reu staff see the first patientsJackie finally getting a wheelchairJackie has waited 3 years for this momentThe local Reu staffWaiting for loved onesAnd still more waitingTaking inventory in the PharmacyAs things wind down on the first day, we have a little fun with the kidsAs things wind down on the first day, we have a little fun with the kidsIts also so much fun to teach them.Our team photographer, Scott and Dr Doug BurgettAs things wind down on the first day, we have a little fun with the kidsDr David reviews a patients recordsLynette prays over anxious patientsSo much waiting around todayLaynette Praying over patientsRegistering Patients Even the little ones show patienceA mothers ComfortJoy shared by allGratitude shown in smiles Dr. Doug and Nurse Jackie share a smileSay Cheese!Morning WorshipMorning WorshipBless'd by Thy NameMorning WorshipMorning WorshipPraying over the peoplePraying over the PeopleOR-3 Ready for Patients Beth hearing the story as told by a childBuilding Wheelchairs and changing Lives Jacklyn with her new wheelchairJacklyn with her new wheelchairJacklynChef prepares the noon meal OR - 4 ready for patientsThe simplicity of a smile warms a heartRegistering PatientsFun and Games Fun and GamesFun and GamesFun and GamesWaiting for newsSome patients travel from up to 8 hours awayLocal Clinic staff enjoying lunchWaiting for a WheelchairMobility isn't taken for granted The start of a Gall Bladder ProcedureDr. Whitehead preforms surgeryJosh discussing wheelchairsGall Bladder Surgery Gall Bladder Surgery Morning Worship with David and SarahDr Jason Examining a patientDr Jason Examining a patientStarting Surgery Gall Bladder removal Gall bladder removal Post OpDr Burgett during a bladder sling Dr Burgett and his team during surgery The photographer and Blogger prep'd to document todays surgeryMinor shows a new wheelchair patient how to correctly transferEven the Blogger provides comfort to the patientsLilian and her new wheelchairMynor and Mandy put together a wheelchairRussell and Glenn put together a wheelchairThe wheelchair teams helps to customize a chair for a patientLilian has such a precious big smile!The wheelchair teams helps to customize a chair for a patientAnother patient gets to go home with a new wheelchairThe wheelchair teams helps to customize a chair for a patientDr Jason Pizzola assesses a new patientRachel plays with one of the patient's kids while they are getting a new chair fittedBob and Marilyn with a few of their favorite peopleMarilyn Sharing a smileHugs for everyoneBob sharing with his friends Mandy sharing photos with the students of Hilario Galindo SchoolHilario Galindo School StudentHilario Galindo School StudentMandy with a few of her friendsMarilyn with her favorite friendsMarilyn in her happy placeMarilyn with the children of Hilario Galindo SchoolBrothers showing their loveBrothers showing their love for one anotherHilario Galindo School StudentMandy teaches the students at Hilario Galindo School how to flyMandy playing with the children at Hilario Galindo SchoolFinding shade while you wait is the keyPlaying catch to pass the timeBubbles, Bubbles, Giggles, GigglesWaiting in the shadeThe heart is heavy when looking into the recovery wardsMorning rounds with HernandezMorning rounds with Dr. HernandezMorning rounds with Dr. PinkertonThumbs up - On the mendAfter 7 years of suffering, He's happy to have his life backMorning Rounds with Dr. Hernandez Jay Mirelez assisting with SurgeryOR 4 doing what they do bestDr Whitehead preforming a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Dr Whitehead preforming a Laparoscopic CholecystectomyA beautiful morning for worshipEquipping ourselves for the day with worshipMorning Rounds A long walkA long walkThe grateful family of patient Maria in traditional dresses with Dr BurgettTuesday morning bus ride to the hospitalThe team of 50+ gets out at the hospitalDr Burgett makes his morning roundsDr Whitehead checks on a patientDr Whitehead checks on a patient in the morningDr Pinkerton checks on one of her patients from the day beforeShelley talks to Sandy about her conditionShelley holds Sandy while Megan assesses her walking abilityShelley gives Sandy some exercises to practice at homeDr Pizzola visits with Analeta who has Parkinsons disease and her daughterAnaleta gives us her biggest smileJose was pronouced dead in the hospital but surprised everyone by waking up in the morgueThe wheelchair team starts the long process of putting together Jose's new chairMynor makes some skilled modifications to Jose's new wheelchairMynor makes some skilled modifications to Jose's new wheelchairJose is super happy with his new wheels!Shea entertains the kids with bubblesShea entertains the kids with bubbles while his wife Mandy watches in amusementMelany is 6 and recovering beautifully after a hernia surgeryOur sister Lynette prays over LorenzoKevin being carried in by his fatherMandy hands out new dresses to the kidsMegan and Shelly help Kevin with his new crutchesKevin has 6 weeks on crutches but then he will be walking againSome of the wheelchair patients from todaySome of the wheelchair patients from todayDr Pizzola is determined to get the lime to go with the coconutLorenzo is going great this morning!Dr Whitehead visits with CarlosThe family of a patient calls Dr Burgett aside to give him a give of thanksFaceTime-ing the family at homeHanding out toileties to the patients going homeHanding out toileties to the patients going homeHanding out toileties to the patients going homeCarmen discusses patient statusGoing through the morning meds with the pharmacist, StephanieXavi is all ready for surgery and being very braveLynette prays over an anxious patientSylvia The Terminator!The fly is deadXavi, named after a famous Spanish soccer player, hams it up with JessicaDr Whitehead conducting roundsHilario Galindo School ChildrenLoving her blocksTaking a break to play with the kids Happy faces at Hilario Galindo SchoolSharing the smilesNot sure about the Americans Dr Burgett conducting morning roundsA concerned motherDr Drown reassuring a mother and comforting a childDr Brown Conducting Rounds A patient asking Dr Brown to take care of himselfA mother being a motherDr Burgett and his wife Face Timing with a greatful Mayan FamilyDr Brown's smile reassures a young child Dr Burgett with his wife and a grateful Mayan FamilyBeth sharing smilesShay playing with the kidsBeth and Tony enjoying the School ChildrenA child's smile soothes a heavy heartShay sharing laughsA busy day even for the school childrenA Mayan Woman on her way to visit family at Hospital Hilario Galindo  Going homeMaking solutions, No excusesHospital Hilario GalindoMaking some modifications to a patient's new wheelchairMaking some modifications to a patient's new wheelchairA Mayan mom on a cell phone - so funny to see the traditional people using modern technologyPapayaTony at the Day CareGiving out dresses to the kidsI think I need helpIn her new dressThumbs up for the new clothesThumbs up for the new clothesShay gives high fives all roundScott watching the kids from a safe distance - they wanted to play with his cameraPosing in her new dressRachel finds herself leading all the kids in a trainThe kids love watching the video of them singing to usWatching the video with SheaSaying bye to the AmericansScott on the busXavi is fresh out of surgery and not feeling great but still managed a smile for the cameraCatching a bus ride homeWheelchairs loaded up topDr Pinkerton and her translator Alex let a patient’s husband know that everything went smoothly with the operationSome of the wheelchair patients from todayElfego in his modified wheelchairElfego's mother and friendScott talks to Dr Brown, Dr Boz and Dr Whitehead at the end of a long dayMorning patient review with Dr Burgett and JackieDr Brown visiting patientsDr Burgett talks to a lady who is very blessed to be alivePatients are all smiles when they're told they can go homeLynette prays over a patient in the recovery wardXavi is doing great the morning after his surgeryOne of the full ladies wardsCarmen, Jenny and DoraDr Brandon Hernandez administers an epiduralJeffry's surgery was a successDr Brown carries 16month old Jefrry out of a successful surgeryDenise and Dr PinkertonDr Brown with Cindy assists Dr BurgettShelley and Megan are pretty excited about getting to watch surgery this morningJefrry recovering with his MamaTiny handsYosef pretending to be surprised at his temperatureYosef and Jessica share a momentJessica and Scott with Yosef before his surgerySylvia checks on Maybelin after her successful surgeryStephanie and MonicaSylvia watches as Maybelin is comforted by her mother Carmen reassures a wheelchair patientSarah tweaks a patient's new wheelchairRussell and Glenn putting together more wheelchairsDoctors take a quick break before uploading information and moving on to the next patientCalling up the next patientHospital Hilario kitchenVolunteers eat mangos below a mango treeMaria got a major upgrade from her previous Gen 1 wheelchairDr Burgett reassures a concerned husbandA mother comforts her 16 month old sonA child's handA mothers comfortJessica shares a laugh with a childJessica comforts a boy before surgery Managing the anesthesia Dr Drown's teams preps a young boy for surgery Uncertainty Innocence Discussing the best plan for a piñata A child's smileWatching the playgroundWaiting for her turnChecking out the action from afar Waiting patientlyPlay timeDr Boswell ready for the days surgery Dr Pizzola ready for the Wheelchair clinic Dr Burgett Consults with his team about a patientA busy day in surgery means a busy recovery wardDr brown checks in on a patient following surgery Dr Burgett discusses a patients recovery with Dr Hernandez and Dr ReyesDr Brown and RN Brown repair a hernia on a childAnother success! Dr Brown assesses a young surgery patientDr Brown carries a 14 month old out of surgery Dr Brown comforts a child prior to surgery Our Pharmacist. Always smiling!A brave little patient on her way to surgery Dr Burgett and his entire surgical team Dr Pinkerton scrubs upDr Pinkerton preparing for surgery Sometimes, Hugs are the best medicineMorning WorshipJay Mirelez telling us about the good things from the weekJenny at the end of a long weekVictorThe last round of wheelchairs is loaded onto a busWheelchairs ready to be built for the next teamCarmen explaining to the family how to care for the new wheelchairBe careful where you squat!The record for this 3 person wheelchair assembly team is 5m53s Lynette with the mayan ladiesCarolyn and MelissaNo mas Senor !Scott begging for some flan from the kitchen

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Last day of surgeries today as we head to Antigua tomorrow.   Instead of a devotional this morning we heard a few personal testimonies from volunteers from this trip.   On the first day a man came in to see us with a large hernia and he could no longer lift which means he could no longer... Read More
Another early start for us with devotional and coffee at 6am. Lynette’s message today was on a Life of Faith; we can do all things through Jesus Christ who gives us strength. Let’s have the faith for him to lead us in our decisions, our dreams, our forgiveness of others. Faith that we are... Read More
A Life of Symphony.   We are all an integral part of the body of Christ. And the funny way that it works is the more we give away the more we get. We should rule with a heart of a servant and serve with the heart of a king.   It's another beautiful morning in Retalhuleu and we got to... Read More
Thankfully a better start to the day with some good sleep last night. Earplugs are a beautiful thing! Yesterday morning our devotional was focused on a "Life of Purpose." Today the message was about living a "Life of Risk." What’s on the agenda for us today God? “The gifts the King has given... Read More
5:15 a.m. alarm. Last night we were quite enthralled about all the peacocks here as we walked around the enclosed compound. This morning I would definitely say we are Lukewarm about them... with a capital L. Not the best night sleep. Need tea.   Okay, breakfast and caffeine in the belly….... Read More
Scott and I are a very blessed to be part of an amazing team of doctors, nurses, and support staff heading to Retalhuleu in Guatemala. We are a team of about 50 and have two general surgeons that will be predominately serving the community with gallbladder and hernia surgeries, and two OBGYNs... Read More