567 - Village Thompson Petén

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As the team starts their long journey home, they reflect back on the week and celebrate the success of their mission to rural northern Guatemala. 2,284 patients were cared for at the two villages in San Francisco and Machaquila. Most important was the opportunity to find and identify patients... Read More
The day started with morning reflection & prayer and team members sharing their experiences from the day before.  The theme from the stories and comments was clear, how lucky we are to be born in circumstances that allow us the ability to be here and give back to those with less. The... Read More
Machaquila is a remote agricultural town in the region of Petén. Here the team will set up the second Faith In Practice Village. Another large crowd greets their arrival. Many patients started their journey to the site in the middle of the night, arriving as early as 3AM. Similar to the... Read More
Day two in the town of San Francisco and another large crowd waits outside the gates of the grammar school, now a Faith In Practice clinic compound.  Each day the team arrives not knowing what health concerns wait for them at the gate.  Every day brings a wide range of maladies, injuries,... Read More
A large crowd greeted our bus as we pulled into the small town of San Francisco in Northern Guatemala. The site was already a beehive of activity and thanks to the many local volunteers, the team had a good head-start to their day.  Families filed into the courtyard where they were met by... Read More
Today was a long journey into the northern part of Guatemala. The area is lush in vegetation and rich in agriculture. Here in Poptun, we’ll spend the next four days conducting daily trips to two seperate locations. There the team will establish “villages” with clinics offering a verity of... Read More