566 - Surgery Burns Antigua

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Antigua – Day 8 – Friday There were no surgeries today, but all the surgeons returned to the hospital to check on their patients and talk to them about further care once they return home. Pastor Dave prayed with all the patients for healing and safe travels home. It is difficult to say goodbye... Read More
Antigua – Day 7 – Thursday Thursday is my favorite day of our mission week. During devotions, we ask our team to share with everyone how this trip has impacted them. Debbie Burns told us that even the little things are special. Patty and Amy needed a special shaver, and she opened the drawer,... Read More
Antigua Day 6 – Wednesday What is your definition of success? Nan challenged us to ponder this question during morning devotions. While many people think of money or power as signifying success, I liked this definition: “Knowing what you are doing is helping you and helping others to live a... Read More
Antigua Day 5 – Tuesday Our morning worship services take place on an outdoor patio with views of the distant volcanoes. While I love worshipping in a church, I feel such a deep connection with God when observing the beauty of His creation.   There is a new movie out, “A Wrinkle in Time.”... Read More
Antigua Day 4 – Monday Today was our first of four surgical days. This year we are starting earlier than usual, which meant breakfast and morning devotions were at daybreak. Pastor Dave led us in the song “10,000 Reasons,” and the lyrics were especially apropos: “The sun comes up, it’s a... Read More
Antigua Day 3 – 3/4/17 We gathered early Sunday morning for worship and devotions before heading to the Obras Hospital to meet our patients.   Pastor Dave led us in song, and then Nan Peters gave an encouraging message to start our day. She spoke about the universe. Did you know that the... Read More