565 - Surgery Providence Reu

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The final procedures went without a hitch. The surgical teams will be back the next day to round with the patients. They are sad to leave them, sad they will not see their patients outcomes. It's a bittersweet leaving. They receive their final instructions for their self-care and leave the... Read More
It is the second to last day serving the people of Guatemala. The length of the days and emotions have not yet peaked but they are starting to come more readily to the surface. The day started with a reflection. We were given wooden crosses to exchange with someone to remember their time here... Read More
Today, a young man with a moderate case of cerebral palsy received his first wheelchair, and he caught my attention because of his positive response to the world. His mother has carried him on her back everywhere he has ever been and anywhere he needed to be. There's so much that the 12-year-... Read More
Sister Susanne again warms the hearts of the teams for the day. She blessed the hands of the surgeons in the hope that their operations are successful. After devotional we rush off to the bus to bring healthcare to the Guatemalan people. The culmination of all the previous days efforts were... Read More
We were summoned to devotional at 6:00 a.m. That’s how we’ll be starting our days in Retalhuleu. Sister Susanne leads the morning with words of wisdom, courage and a deeply endearing personal story. She provides the context for the trip and why our teams are vitally important. A little... Read More