563 - Village Delk Suchitepéquez/Reu

RickettsRickettsRickettsPatient's were already lined up waiting when we arrived for each day of clinicVictor, our team Radiologist, performing an ultrasound!Pedatric NP, Beth Stewart, enjoying some time with the local student volunteers

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Dr. Frank Schreck is a pediatrician who practices in Buffalo, NY, and has served on trips to Guatemala with Faith In Practice for 5 years. He opened our second morning in Antigua with a devotion and shared about his patient, Jessica. Jessica was adopted from Guatemala at birth and has been... Read More
Its so hard to believe today was our last day of clinic! Our morning started with a devotional led by Christie where she had each of us write down on a sheet of paper how we were feeling. A lot of the group was feeling tired, but others were feeling joyful and excited. The conversation was... Read More
Today we held our third day of clinic, which commenced our first day in the village of La Guitarra. We were greeted by a number of patients waiting to be seen and a wonderful group of Faith In Practice volunteers to aid us during our time in La Guitarra. Our group was energized and excited... Read More
It is only 10:30 am on our second day of clinic, and all patients have already been checked in and triaged! Multiple have already been seen, and hundreds wait for their name to be called. Grateful patients of all ages give us a hug and kiss on the cheek to greet us hello and goodbye, buenos... Read More
Today was our first day of clinic and we started off with a beautiful devotion, where we all sung, "Here I am, Lord" and "Let There Be Peace on Earth." This put us in the right frame of mind and prepared us all for our hour-long trek to the clinic from where we are staying. When we arrived,... Read More
The team gathered in Antigua. We began with our initial meeting at Casa de Fe, which Faith In Practice works closely with to house the surgery patients. On Saturday, we toured The Obras. The staff do amazing work caring for the mentally and physically disabled. We spent time speaking to the... Read More