562 - Surgery Mann Reu

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Guest Blogger:  Hollie Fulghum As a first time member of Faith In Practice, I had no idea what to expect from this trip.  I was very excited to go, but also felt a bit of anxiety and hesitancy.  I was leaving my family for a week, and heading to a country that I have never visited with many... Read More
Guest Blogger:  Ricardo Coronado Over the course of this week our pediatric team performed 86 surgeries. Additionally, since Sunday morning, our dental team has serviced about 80 patients. Having the privilege to be a part of this incredible team reiterates the importance of compassion and... Read More
Guest Blogger:  Elena Ruiz I am beyond grateful with Faith In Practice for the opportunity to serve as an interpreter and an educational resource for their annual medical mission trip in Retalhuleu, Guatemala. This is my second year as part of the pediatric dental team, formed by Dr. Suha... Read More
Guest Blogger:  Mitchell Shaffner, Scrub Tech This is a first for me: I’ve never been on a mission, nor written a blog. That being said, I am so grateful to be given both of these opportunities. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at the airport to meet my team before we embarked on... Read More
Guest Blogger:  Carlos Rodriguez Howdy y’all! As one of the original members of the Mann Team, I have now participated in four missions.  This is the team’s 5th mission and this year marks the first year for us to dedicate all of our efforts in taking care of pediatric patients.  We are... Read More
Guest Blogger:  Craig Belon I’m honoured to have been asked to provide this first blog post for the Faith In Practice February mission trip.  The disclaimers: I have never been to Guatemala, never been on a mission trip (medical or otherwise), never been to Central America, and therefore... Read More