561 - Surgery Inglesby 2 Antigua

Family members and patients waiting to be calledNehemias awaits his consultationCookie time!Examination in the Dental ClinicStacie working hard on Triage DayIgnacio in the dental clinicIgnacio hoping to have his open palate repaired.The msic class at SocorroSherry translating Miss Maria's story to CindyCindy, our wonderful bloggerNeil examining baby on Triage DayThe twins - photographer and periodontistBlowing bubbles with resident at SocorroBob visiting with resident at SocorroAaron outside the audiology clinic with his loving mom.Padre Jose and Dr. JoseWillian is here to have his cleft lip repairedNeil welcoming potential patient on Triage DayPriscilla and grteful woman who will receive general surgery this weekStacie and volunteer translator sharing a smilePatient interview on Triage DaySay, "Ahhhhh" for Neil our ENT surgeonMorning devotionJeff translates for patient and family for our plastics teamDr. Jackie writing orders on Triage dayWe are welcomed to the Obras where all surgeries take placeSherry speaking to waiting familiesKelli testing a patients hearingA prayer was said before we started TriageLoving Mom outside the Audiology ClinicCindy and JayneJayne and Cindy receiving a birthday hug from EdNew Dental Clinic!Our first breakfast togetherKelli tests this gentleman's hearing.Peek A Boo! Even a tissue becomes a toy hereWaiting so patiently to be seen on Triage DayJaimie and Shelley These two cuties have become friends, both enjoying their stay at Casa de FeJackie's gentle hands sooth this small patientNothing feels better after surgery than mama.Tom taking a minute to catch his breathGail and Roby in the pharmacy areaFaith assisting Scott during a plastics surgeryWillian newly repaired lip will change his life in so many waysone of the red hat volunteers comforts this patient in the recovery roomWaking up slowly from adenoid surgeryIgnacio had 2 teeth pulled so that Scott can repair his palate today. Ignacio is ready to go!Tabitha awaiting next patientJayne shares an amazing story about her new sister during morning devotionRuth, circulator, watching surgery.Sherry sharing love with patient in post op.Jeff and Jason praying with patient before surgery.Ed, donning scrubs, ready for photos in the OR.Our nightingales Rachel and Priscilla share their musical talents during morning devotionRoby, Gail, and Tabitha in the "pharmacy"Dr. Bill completing the Op reportMama and Willian getting ready for his surgeryNeil checking before surgeryPlaying with papa while waiting in pre-opLoving hands in the post op room welcome our patientsJulie taking notes in plastics ORWaiting for today's surgery, enjoying a coloring book and box of crayonsStacie explaining and Sherry translating to a mom in the pre op rom.Jackie waiting for next patient in the plastics ORPriscilla sharing during morning devotionHaving tumor removedSpecial dressing applied to help skin graft adhere.Jeff, our translator with BleridaWaiting their turn outside Audiology ClinicCindy and Blerida share batteries in the audiology clinic.Our team (561) photoThese kind ladies were hapy to give Jason spanish lessons after they shared a prayer.This 84 year old has travelled 12 hours by bus with others from his village of Peten. He is hoping to receive a hearing aid today.Alexa fitting a gentleman with his first hearing aid.This son hopes his father will receive a hearing aid todayDr. (Sponge) Bob and Dr. StacieWaiting patiently, expecting nothing, appreciating everythingBlerida explains to Cindy that even though she makes very good money ($60 a month)hearing aid batteries are very expensive at $3 each.Jacob helping Neil in the ENT surgeryKathy and Cary restoring this patient's smile.A beautiful and thankful patient.Shelly admiting the knitted hats sent from the St. Bernard's Knitting Guild in NJAna awaiting surgerySleeping peaefully in Mama's arms.Bob scrubbing for surgeryWaiting to hear news of their loved ones successful surgeries.Ward nurse Chris was greatly helped by several young nurses!Mary Louise, circulator, waiting to hear what Priscilla might need nextStacie and Bob in general surgery roomRobin and Pablo in the general surgery roomDr. Bill scrubs before his surgeryMonica holding and comforting Ruby after her palate revision surgeryAna's mama singing softly as Ana awakens from surgeryOur Super Fantastic Cooking Crew!!Tabitha putting a patient to sleep Dr. Bill treats varicose veinsBreakfast at 5:15 AMMonica and Jayne having fun!Manuel so happy that Scott will soon remove the cancer from his ear.Our amazing Team Moms, aka the Cooking Crew, selecting delicious things for tonight's dinner!Ed and Edgar met outside the Audiology ClinicThe music class for the residents at SocorroA hopeful friend holds the horn for his determined friendTom being greeted by Wendy at SocorroFresh air ans sunshine enjoyed by the Socorro residentsCesar's AFTER photo in the Dental Clinic!Cary played MacGuyver and was able to repair his dental light with super glue, dental floss, and audilogy tools.We have all come to this spot, to become one, to heal and be healed.God's early morning glory on our mountain top glory Charging the solar powered hearing aidsWilian sleeps soundly after having his cleft lip repaired.Close up of Sweet WillianBreAnn and Priscilla head to head in surgeryDedicated and skilled Obras staff in post opJulie's genlte hand on Willian during surgeryThese gifts we may keep? They are so fine, muchas gracias, muchas gracias!This green feather found, signifies it is time for our team to fly home to our Dear Ones.Ed's BEFORE photoRuby would like to be an artist when she grows up.Ruby loves her new hat because her favorite color is pink! Today it hurts a little to smile after having her palate fixed.Ruth's kind hands holding Marta Julia's during her surgeryMarta Julia so glad her tonsils will no longer keep her from school and friends!Ignatio's Mom receives the good news that the surgery went perfectly!Grateful patient thanks Bill and Marty for removing the painful vericose veins that were keeping her from work.Blerida learning how to use her hearing aid.Cesar was so grateful for his dental transformation!Cesar's BEFORE photo in the Dental ClinicAlexa carefully inserts new hearing aid!Happy Cesar gladly posed with Kathy and Cary who restored his beautiful smile!Ice pops help sooth sore throats after tonsils are removedI can hear agin! God Bless You!Cesar perfectly relaxed as his smile is restored in the dental chairThank you, thank you and God bless you all for helping my wife.Trunk full of love includes donated Beanie Babies, handsewn blankets from Betty Holck and hand Knit hats from the St. Bernard's Knitting GuildOur very own God Squad made up of Jeff, Jef, and Jason!So sleepy after successful surgeryJeff, Jason, and Mama praying over Willian before his surgery.Thank you, thank you for this beautiful blanket for my son, God bless you for your kindness.Darren gently waking a patient in post op.Faith and Julie in the plastics ORJeff, BreAnn, and Jason decide best course of action for this unfortunate fellow!Nihemias will wait another year before receiving surgery for his cleft nose.More cookie monsters!Waiting to see out ENT Team on Triage DayAaron gives Alexa a BIG HUG after his examination.Aaron will have to wait until he is 7 for the ear surgery his mother was hoping for on this trip. For now, his mother will follow the guidelines given her by Alexa to improve his speech.Dulce Maria (Sweet Maria) reminds Jeff of his own daughterBubbles pass the time!Two of the 1000 dedicated Red Hat volunteers doing their best to help their people.Ed working hard to get the best picture!Pastor Jeff is a self professed cookie monster!Time to hand out cookies!This funny fellow wanted to show me his troublesome tonsils!Dulce Maria and Jeff became fast friends during Triage DayMuchas gracias for the delicious cookies!Beautiful, peaceful Virgen de Socorro--home to Franciscan Monks and more than 250 special needs residents

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