558 - Surgery Hartz/Hecht/Coke Reu

FIP558 Team PhotoRibbon Cutting CeremonyDr. Wilson HartzMegan Taking Charge

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Lumps and Bumps: Author Ruth O’Donnell No, not melanomas and lymphomas. Not those lumps and bumps. But the kind that happen in your throat and all over your skin... Lumps in the throat and goosebumps. Bumps: When I presented my passport to security at the Guatemala airport, I noticed that... Read More
FIP 558 Surgery Day 3-4 February 7-8 ran so smoothly now that trying to be everywhere at the same time is near impossible! Taking pictures of every event and capturing stories of incoming and outgoing patients consumes every moment of the day! Pastor George starts these two morning... Read More
FIP 558 Surgery Day 2 February 6, 2018: Meet Heidy, she is here with her mother Wendy and will be having gallbladder surgery today. Heidy is described by her mother as a very special girl! Wendy sits with Heidy until she walks out of pre-op to have her surgery. Gustavo suggested that we go... Read More
The Story of the Wooden Crosses: Many times during the first years of Faith In Practice, our patients would ask us why we were helping them; why we had come. Many times, the patients did not ask, but I know they wondered just the same. Since most of us had little Spanish, I taught some of... Read More
FIP 558 Surgery Day 1 February 5, 2018: Pastor George starts the morning off with his theme for the days ahead ͞Love, Imagination, Intelligence, Energy͟. He shares with us that there are many cultures around the world and our common desire to show our ͞Love͟. We are reminded that we will... Read More
FIP 558 Meet the Patients February 4, 2018 Our morning starts with the sound of peacocks in the courtyard, they sound like loud screaming cats, but they are oh so beautiful! Our devotional begins with Pastor George reciting an Old Testament passage that begins our morning prayer. The day... Read More