556 - Village Johnson 1 Totonicapán

The team assembled at Casa de FeSylvia P., Cindy, and Chris have lunch at the children's playgroundCraig, Linda, John, Robert and  have lunch at the children's playgroundTriage is set up in the school gymTriage, ready for patientsA hand-built ramp for the wheelchair clinicWheelchair pre-assembled for tomorrowWheelchairs awaiting assemblyBryant and some volunteers move a table into OB/GYNVitamins for childrenToothbrushes in the dental clinicDr. Debra Caspers with a patientCarrying a patient into the wheelchair clinicDr. Bernie Gallacher in triageLarry Shamp assembles wheelchairsPatients waiting in triageChiara Sdringola performs a urine test in the laboratoryPatients check in at ReferralsRebecca Bloch-Lopez with a patient's sonOne of the first patients in the doorDr. Mark Ishimaru performs an orthopedic examPatients at the start of the line for the dayDr. Bryant Dudzik with a patient in DentalJulie Eberly with a patient ready for a new wheelchairDr. Silvia Recinos in the pediatric clinicA new wheelchair!Dr. Dr. Robin Hardwicke and Twyla Brack, RN, in GynecologyAna Garcia delivers a presentation on women's health outside VIA/CRYOCindy Pekow translates in General MedicineHolding her abuela's old canePatients wait outside PediatricsAll smiles in Dermatology!The line at the beginning of day 3 in ChuanojRebecca Bloch-Lopez and Dr. Donna Moore work with patients in the wheelchair clinicLori Eisenbach in the Wheelchair ClinicA pediatric patientPatients waiting after triagePam Gallacher, RN, assists with an ultrasoundTraje for even the smallest childrenA pediatric patient with Dr. Anita BelinoskiSonia Alizzi, RN, in DermatologyDr. Yvonne Thomas in DentalVillage Clinic Director Felipe Gutierrez in triageWheelchair clinic successPharmacy team members Sylvia Peterson and Cindy PekowLinda Johnson with her k'iche' translator, Santos, in triageBus driver Cesar doubles as a pharmacy assistantDr. Donna Moore with a Wheelchair Clinic patientJoe and Rebecca Lopez both assisted with building and translation in the Wheelchair clinic.Dr. Chris Johnson with a patient in need of cardiac careTeam members pray with a Wheelchair Clinic patientDr. Debra Caspers assisting with a pediatric wheelchair candidateFinal team photo with all the volunteers!

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Dear readers,   First of all, thanks for following us to the end! This will be the last entry for Team Johnson 2018. But before we wrap up, we have much more information and a few more stories and reflections to share.   As always, here are the patient totals for our final day in clinic:  ... Read More
Amigos queridos,   Tonight I am writing a much briefer entry than I would like. Frankly every day we meet so many new people and have so many stories to tell that we could fill pages and pages. We hope that anyone following along will get to speak with us in person about our experiences, and... Read More
Buenas tardes, readers!   Let’s begin with another round of patient totals for yesterday’s clinic.   General Medicine: 147 Pediatrics: 58 EKG: 2 Gynecology: 36 Ortho: 12 Dermatology: 36 Dental: 42 patients, 100 extractions Referral: 96 VIA: 32 with 2 Cryos Wheelchairs: 23... Read More
Buenas tardes amigos!   First off, here are our patient totals for yesterday: General Medicine: 175 Pediatrics: 32 ECG: 1 Gynecology: 36 Ortho: 22 Dermatology: 48 Dental: 46 patients, 109 extractions Referral: 96 VIA: 21 with 1 Cryo Wheelchairs: 22 In the laboratory, Chiara Sdringola from... Read More
Welcome back readers!   Today we started off bright and early (actually, before the sun was up) with our morning devotional. The theme for today was hospitality.  We shared stories of serving, but also receiving gifts from those we serve. Team Leader, Phil Johnson, shared a story with us at... Read More
Hola Amigos!   Today I am writing from Totonicapán, one of the 22 departments of Guatemala in the west-central region. The capital (also called Totonicapán) is where we are running our first clinic. The FIP staff shared with us some historical information on the city: “Before the European... Read More