554 - Surgery Heinrich/Pond Antigua

Evelyn with her mother, sister and nieceAdam with EvelynLinda with Evelyn and YovaniJulio Cesar with Dr. HeinrichJulio Cesar with peluchePatrocinio with Dr. HeinrichRudy with Dr. Heinrich and MattyJorge doing therapyJorge walkingJeff with Rocio

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We sat around in the small covered area, where we have participated in devotional each morning. The fireplace is going and the steam rises from many team members’ coffee cups. It is usually a few degrees cooler in the morning, and this morning is especially cold. Fuego, the active volcano, is... Read More
“Happiness cannot be traveled to, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude”, stated Denis Waitley.   Happiness surged throughout the recovery ward this morning. Doctors, nurses, physical therapist and translators fill in... Read More
The cloudy haze started to clear this morning on our walk to the hospital. It rained a lot yesterday, so it’s nice to see the view of volcanos and mountains open up in the distance. We arrived at 7:00 a.m. and the doctors went straight to greet their first patients of the day. After, as the... Read More
There is a noticeable difference when a person moves with passion. In fact, it’s often infatuating, because their focus is unwavering, their mind isn’t wandering off as they work. They are present. I witnessed this first hand today, as our surgical teams tackled the first operations of the... Read More
Fireworks occasionally boom in the distance. Patients line the open-air hallways of Obras Sociales, while views of clouds and volcanoes drape the scenery. Patients one-by-one visit with the doctors about their condition and procedures they will receive this week. Some triage patients will be... Read More
Our first day began meeting one-by-one at the airport, some in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and other locations around the country, all to eventually gather in the Guatemala City airport. With many supplies and people to coordinate, we have already begun to rely on each other as a team. A group... Read More