551 - Surgery Askenasy Reu

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Every day on the trip has been filled with awe inspiring moments, but being able to capture them in action as they unfold has not been as easy a task as I thought it would be. Delfi had been in the recovery for about two hours when I heard from Carmen, one of our translators, about her... Read More
It is an honor to be able to share with you all how we touch the lives of the people here in Guatemala. One of them is Cindy, a seventeen year-old young lady that I was able to talk to with the help of our team’s wonderful translators. While she was waiting for her surgery, we learned that... Read More
Today is triage day! But before we get to that part, I believe it is a must to at least introduce every member of the team. Drum rolls, please, as I present to you Team Askenasy:

Team Askenasy, 2017   Starting the day right

Morning worship area What... Read More
San Felipe, Retahuleu  After a—thankfully—smooth, problem-free flight and more than four hours on the bus, our team finally arrived at the town of San Felipe. We were met by Morgan Newman and Sergio Lopez, the Surgery Director and the General Manager of the hospital, respectively, for a tour... Read More