543 - Surgery Robinson Antigua

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Today is our last day of surgery. This has been a week of change for all of us - team members and patients alike.    Rocia is a six month old baby girl came with her twin sister and parents to have her cleft lip repaired. Her parents waited patiently all week for her operation which was... Read More
The audiology clinic is a bare stuffy room across the courtyard from the operating rooms, but life changing interactions occur there. When I arrived, I met Armando, a village team leader from Jalapa. He had brought, Lusvin, a seven-year-old boy with his mother for a hearing evaluation. Lusvin... Read More
This morning we woke to the birds singing and sunshine. It was a beautiful morning in Antigua. We could see the volcanoes in the distance as we walked to the Obras.  The streets were busy even at 7:00. We saw groups of kids walking or on the backs of motorcycles heading off to school. Gaudy “... Read More
Monday-First day of surgery Today we all  pulled together and became a cohesive working team working in pre-op, four operating rooms, recovery and the ward. Patients were also seen in the audiology and dental clinics. Eight cleft lip/palate cases, fIve general surgery and five gynecological... Read More
Today was the first day of our mission. We gathered together this morning at the Obras for orientation to the hospital. We then split up into groups.  Some of the team went into the operating rooms to unpack trunks of supplies and prepare for tomorrow's cases.    The audiologists and... Read More