542 - Surgery Boutros Antigua

Photo by Dr. Chang WangPhoto by Dr. Chang WangPhoto by Dr. Chang WangPhoto by Dr. Chang Wang

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As our plane cruised above the blue tablecloth of the Gulf of Mexico, I had a chance to reflect on the past week. The team performed 109 surgeries in Antigua, with some patients travelling for days to receive the treatment they had needed for years. Seeing how selflessly everyone on the team... Read More
Today, Dr. Longo operated on a boy whose eyelid had been damaged by a tree branch. The accident retracted his eyelid to the point that he could no longer close it; the inability to blink had ultimately begun to cause scarring in his eye. Dr. Longo carefully repaired the damage and restored... Read More
Luiz Tut suffered for almost a year with a mass on her chest; it had become so painful that she could barely move her arms, preventing her from working. A friend told her about having received treatment from Faith in Practice herself, so Luiz made the journey to Antigua, where Dr. Farrow... Read More
With the second day of surgery, things are starting to settle into a rhythm. We ate a delicious breakfast prepared by our cooks, Pauline Lee and Juanitta Francis, and then headed over to the pavilion for the devotional led by Dr. Boutros. Afterwards, we set out for the hospital. The team... Read More
Today was the first day of surgery! The team performed close to twenty operations today, including prostate resections, hernia repairs, and a free flap. Everything ran smoothly thanks to the efficiency and organization of Faith in Practice and Las Obras hospital; this, combined with the... Read More
Today, we began with breakfast and a devotional led by Dr. Boutros, who introduced the theme for the week and focused us on the meaning of our mission in Guatemala. We then headed through the cobblestone streets of Antigua to Las Obras Sociales: a historic stone building that serves as a... Read More