540 - Surgery Preston Antigua

Group photo taken at the facility for long term patients.  Perfect that Santa Clara & San Francisco wards are next door to each other.Mikala helping in triageTriageFour of the "Red Hat" brigade.  These volunteers are an invaluable link in the FIP chain; bringing patients to the Obras, translating to Spanish, as well as a host of other duties.Group prayer.  The soul as well as the body is taken care off.Patient praying.  In case you are wondering, we hand out leis, among other things, to lift the spirits of our often frightened patients.Tour of the new facility for long term patients.

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We’ve found our groove. As we make it to the midway point of this trip, the gears are now moving smoothly without a hitch. All the Faith in Practice members have an understanding of their roles and the environment they are working in and are having a little more fun as we continue. As the... Read More
There are many Guatemalan hospital workers that make this mission possible for us to do. They can be found helping in facet of the hospital, from the wards to the operating rooms. Although there is a language barrier between some of us and them, they are so highly skilled at their jobs that... Read More
As the days of surgery begins, you can truly see the amazing range of patients here to get help. Among the patients were two children that made a spot in everyone’s heart that made contact with them. The first little boy I met named Sergio was 3 years old with a hernia. He was quiet the... Read More
Today marks the beginning of a week full of hard work. Operating rooms were set up and patients were met for the final time before surgery. Faith in Practice volunteers and Guatemalan helpers worked side by side to prepare for the week we have ahead. Although many people were still trying to... Read More
Once arriving to where we would be staying for the remainder of the week, I was able to get a clear view of how beautiful this country really is. The city of Antigua is especially amazing with colorful buildings filling their cobblestone streets. The volcanos, mountains, and rolling clouds... Read More
It’s amazing when the first thing you see when you walk into a crowd of strangers is a genuine smile from each and every one of them. These smiles are of heroes that have joined together to be part of something so much bigger, to help those in need and seek nothing in return. Although this... Read More