538 - Surgery Mirelez Reu

Felipa. Read about her on the blog.Fernando. Read about him on the blog.Rosa Angelica. Read about her on the blog. Gedeon. Read about him on the blog.

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Team Mirelez: Mission Complete!   Where do I even begin with this amazing week here in Reu? We laughed together, we cried together, and we completed our mission all in the name of Jesus.   If we get right down to the STATs we would like to have you know that in 4 days the surgical team... Read More
Rosalinda: The women I will never forget. She was brought to the wheel chair clinic by her husband. At age 38 she began showing signs of Huntington’s disease. If you aren’t familiar with this disease, like me, prepare yourself. I have copy and pasted some basic information on what exactly HD... Read More
While being here I have seen and witnessed a lot. Below I have listed just a few of the cases I have been in on and a few of the cases that have touched my heart.   Felipa:  She is an 11 year old girl who is as sweet as can be. Today she not only had a hernia removed, but also an umbilical... Read More
Want to know the 411 on the wheel chair program? Say no more.   From what I have seen the wheel chair program is highly effective, efficient, and for lack of better words, life changing. It is life changing for people that have never had any kind of autonomy in their lives. It is life... Read More
Team Mirelez has hit the ground running!   We landed mid-morning yesterday. Getting off of a plane and almost immediately hopping on a charter bus that ended up having some mechanical issues. We were at a standstill in the middle of Guatemala City for a half an hour or so, but by the Grace... Read More