534 - Surgery Davis Antigua

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Last year, May 2016 there was a knock at the back door of the Obras. 32 year old David, a fisherman and father of 3 had traveled a great distance from Retalhuleu to find someone who could save his arm. A growth near his wrist was the size of a fist. He had tried to find treatment at the... Read More
Day 3 Orchestration of one’s journey. Consider clergy Mike Davis and the orchestrating of his journey. Many years ago in the 1970s when Mike was a student at the University of Tennessee. He went to a Zen monastery in Knoxville to explore and study Buddhism for two years. Mike was committed to... Read More
"Stories shape our lives", says clergy , Mike Davis. The stories of miracles of faith. Mike has an amazing depth of faith and inspires us each day of our mission of being the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus. Very late one evening, Mike received a phone call from a woman. With deep imploring... Read More
Miracles! Do You Believe in Miracles? A mustard seed of “unshaking belief in God’s providence”, was realized by Franciscan Brother Guillermo Bonilla. His prayers were answered in September 21, 1983. He was given permission to move into the earthquake ravaged and abandoned Obras Sociales Del... Read More