532 - Village Providence Quiche

Dr. Jorge Garcia, Dr. James Beckerman, Dr. Daniel NorfleetVillage Medical Team #532 in AntiguaGetting to know each otherTouring AntiguaChris Felicetta, Dr. Randy Cribbs, Teresa Charvet, Brett Yancey, Sarah Miller, Laura RodriguezUS and Guatemala volunteers working side by sidBrett Yancey, the Mayor of ChicamanAlicia Tyler, John Simons, Julie Doyle, German Sanchezvolunteersvolunteersvolunteerstools of the tradedentistsdentiststriagePharmacyLaurie Carter and patientsMarinaMatt Gadbaw and familyLaurie Carter, Oscar, Dalari Allington, Gustavo LopezOscar and momOscar and momjeydiBrett YanceyTerri Schillos, Stephanie Cha, Julia Tellothe dentiststhe circle of healingJamie Beckerman and volunteeralmaJamie Beckerman and friendDaniel Norfleet and patientRandy Cribbs and patientOscar and Gustavo LopezTerri Mucha and friendscustom inhaler spacerCustom inhaler spacerLena Buchanan and JuanaTheresa and Brett YanceyJamie Beckerman and friendsJamie Beckerman and friendwaiting

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By guest writer Lena Buchanan   We cared for them and hope that we eased their way,    Whether it was physically by providing care or by just listening to them.    We left "knowing" them.   Which we will always carry in our hearts.  
Gustavo Lopez Cuenca is our beloved Chaplain for Village Medical Clinic team #532. He is here to provide spiritual direction for patients facing concern, pain and sorrow.   The team leaders know that the work we are doing in Guatemala this week creates opportunities on not only a... Read More
Clinic was humming. We had a couple of days under our belt and the team was really hitting its stride.   Like previous mornings, as the bus pulls in children, grandparents, and parents quietly and patiently are waiting for us. The people are in their Sunday best when they meet the... Read More
I am an imposter on a team of superheroes. Every volunteer on Village Medical Team #532 has incredible talents.   The roster ·      There are the organizers and team leaders that make this all happen together with our Faith in Practice and Medical Teams International in-country partners... Read More
Virgen del Socorro is home to those with severe physical and mental disabilities. It is a brand new facility in beautiful colonial Antigua that we visit on our first full day in Guatemala. The facility serves as a home and care facility for the elderly, orphaned, mentally disabled and... Read More
  Don’t tell people your dreams. Show them.   Like many of us, I started 2017 with a hangover. Election hangover. Social calendar hangover.  Consumer hangover.   As I do every year, I sat with my best friend huddled over our notebooks, putting our goals to paper for the upcoming... Read More