531 - Surgery Huebner Antigua

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/*-->*/ All rooms are operating with a practiced precision. Today is the last day for surgery. Doctors check on and schedule patients for discharge. Little girls and little boys have recovered from their procedures and have regained their smiles. I’m going to miss these smiles.   This has... Read More
/*-->*/ 1 Corinthians 13 says that if you do not have love you are a noisy gong and a clanging cymbal. It says that knowledge without love is worth nothing, and that even the person who has faith – but not love – will gain nothing. In his book, Leviathan, British political philosopher... Read More
/*-->*/ It is a special thing to be anointed by God. Rev. Silverio opened up the Word this morning to Psalm 133. In the psalm, King David talks about the pleasantness of brotherly (and sisterly) unity. He says that unity is like precious oil on the head. Silverio describes the power and the... Read More
/*-->*/ Sausage, eggs, and cheese piled together and wrapped in a flour tortilla accompanied by one, then two, cups of coffee is a welcome start to the day. Truly blessed are the hands of this week’s cooks, Tiffany and Lanise Thompson, and their sous-chef Bridget Yeung (also our team’s... Read More
6:15am – The melodic sounds of voices drift on the cool morning breeze and mingle with white cotton plants and blue flowers in the courtyard of la Quinta de las Flores.   Singing opens with the verse:   ‘I’m trading my sorrows I’m trading my shame I’m laying it down for the joy of the... Read More
The alarm goes off. It's 3:30am on the Eastern coast of the U.S. and the Sun has only just risen over Iceland. Five minutes later the back-up alarm goes off, and I agree to hop down off the bed and slide into the clothes set out the night before. As I call for an Uber and sip a glass of water... Read More