529 - Village Chenault Petén

Chenault Team 529

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Today we departed Peten and the long bus ride back to Antigua.  Everyone was pretty tired, so there was a lot of napping. Lots of sharing going on too: folks airdropping photos from the week’s events, exchanging patient stories and our own, commenting on some of the unique Guatemalan terrain... Read More
“Whatever you are, be a good one”    ~ Abraham Lincoln The last clinic day culminated with a dental patient being taken home by one of the team dentists, Dr. Brad Moss, his assistant and wife, Polly, and Ben Adams, an ER Doctor on the team. After feeling ill from the teeth removal and not... Read More
The village of Machaquila, a short 15 minute drive from the hotel, was the second location in which the team conducted clinics.  It was an early start once again, as all the equipment and trunks had to be unloaded and set up in the school rooms for two days of work.  With no signs of fatigue... Read More
Our second day in San Francisco started earlier, and as such did not run as late as yesterday.   Team members were on their game once again, as hundreds of patients made their way through triage and on to their particular clinic of need.  It was hotter today and everyone did their best to... Read More
Today we served in the village of San Francisco, located about 1 ½ hours away from Poptun.  The village provided the primary school in which to conduct the various clinics: general, pediatrics, orthopedics, ENT, audiology, ob/gyn, VIA/Cryo, dental, and wheelchair. Space was also needed for... Read More
Our destination is in the department of Peten, the northernmost in Guatemala. Back in the 1960's with no paved roads,it was said to take 24 hours to drive there.  While not taking a whole day, 10 hours was long enough! With a bit of weariness,we arrived in the town of Poptun to our... Read More