527 - Surgery T. Davis Antigua

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I just want to write a short post today. God purposefully designed into his great plan a day of rest, both for Himself and for us. After forming the crowning jewel of his creation he took a break, stepped back, and admired his work. I struggle with implementing this in my own life, so to have... Read More
Here I am on the last day of our work here in Guatemala. This morning I went to the hospital where I realized that my camera lens was broken. Great start to the photographer’s day right? Luckily, Dr. Rayburn was there to save the day and let me borrow his camera. Have I told you yet how... Read More
Today I began my day at the hospital where the friendly scrub competition among surgery teams broke out into a display of hand-made body ornaments complete with bows and flowing hula skirts. Creativity is certainly NOT lacking around here! The support staff that has been pouring out love (and... Read More
Tuesday March 21 From the minute we started orientation at Casa de fe on Saturday morning God has been breaking my heart. Over and over and over, each new story I hear this week adds another crushing blow. 9 hospitals for 14 million people? 500 children in desperate need for cleft lip/palate... Read More
Have you ever seen a miracle? Not just heard about one or read about one, but actually seen one for yourself? Today I saw a miracle. A real one, and I’m not kidding. I watched as a little girl named Francisca was transformed. She was born with a bilateral cleft lip/palate and had lived that... Read More
The first time you do something (like photography or blogging for example) has the potential to be a bit awkward. Going on a medical mission trip with no medical training is also a bit awkward. Navigating a foreign country, a foreign city, and a building with foreign architecture is also…a... Read More