526 - Surgery Coke Reu

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This morning was started with a devotional and breakfast.  At devotions, we read the names and prayed for each patient that we would perform surgery on.  We also prayed for team members and any concerns on their heart from back home.  Even though we are immersed here, life is still moving at... Read More
Our first day of surgeries!  Much anticipation and our spritual leader Horge knew it.  His devotional was about giving, but also receiving.  His message to us was that we should be open to receive as much as we are willing to give.  The Guatemalan people are so rich in their love and faith... Read More
/*-->*/ Triage Day!!!  Our feet hit the ground running at 6:30am with a devotional by our spiritual leader Horge.  We boarded the bus to the hospital and entered the large waiting area where our patients and families were anxiously awaiting our arrival.  We were introduced to them and... Read More
/*-->*/ Rise and Shine!  We awoke to a beautiful Saturday morning and breakfast at La Real Plaza hotel.  At 9 am we boarded the bus for our 4 hour trip to Retalaheu.  The bus ride through the countryside allowed us to see the Guatemalan people at work in the fields, tending their cows,... Read More
We have arrived! After an early morning trip by air and a 2 hour bus trip, we arrived in Antigua from Guatemala City. We visited the Casa de Fe, the “Ronald McDonald” house for the Obras Sociales Hospital that is the sister to the hospital we will work at in Retalaheu. One of our team members... Read More