522 - Surgery Providence Reu

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Leaving Hilario Galindo Today’s blog post must be brief, we are preparing to leave shortly and take the three hour bus ride back to Antigua.  We will have the afternoon and evening as respite, and leave for the airport at about 4:30 tomorrow morning.  It is probably best to not have time to... Read More
Final Surgery and Clinic Day I believe this morning we all began to realize that this trip will be over soon.  For many, including myself, much too soon. We started the morning devotion with three cleansing breaths to ground us and prepare us for the devotion and the day.  This is a... Read More
Rolling Along Tim started our devotional with a grounding exercise, inviting us all to find a place of balance.  All are doing well, but today appeared to be the day when we all wanted to be able to hit the snooze button, and get just a bit more rest.  We were asked to ask ourselves “Why... Read More
Seeing our world through caring goggles This morning’s devotions started with centering breaths, and a request from Tim to not just observe what we are seeing here but also to note what is changing and shifting within us.  To discover where we find ourselves being moved and changed. He... Read More
Tim started our day by asking us to take a moment and enjoy the sounds and center and awake to the present moment.  We are able to do this sitting outside in a patio, with the sounds of birds and other creatures near us.  It is always cool and almost the perfect ambient temperature here at 6... Read More
Today started bright and early with a 6 am team reflection.  Tim asked us to start by quietly listening, and taking in the sounds of our environment.  There are many different types of birds here, and some emit some pretty fantastic sounds.  We were asked to think about what inspired us, what... Read More