521 - Surgery Burns Antigua

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On our last day, our surgeons do rounds on the patients they have operated on during the week who are still present at the Obras.  These patients will be well cared for by the Obras staff until they can return home.   Another Faith in Practice team will be arriving tomorrow to begin treating... Read More
Day 5 – Wednesday Today is the first day of Lent, and as Nan Peters led devotions this morning, she shared that Lent represents the time that Jesus spent wandering in the wilderness, fasting and avoiding temptation by Satan. This period of Lent is a time for us to also reflect on our... Read More
Today is our last surgical day.   The mornings are beautiful, as we watch the sun come up over the volcanoes overlooking Antigua.  We began devotions with a rousing rendition of “Amen,” which many of you will remember Sidney Poitier singing in “Lilies of the Field.” Nan Peters quoted from... Read More
Today is “Fat Tuesday,” the day before Lent begins, which is apropos as we commenced the morning with delicious croissants from a local bakery. Nan Peters started devotions with Mt. 13:44  "The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and... Read More
Day 4 – Monday During this morning’s devotions, Nan Peters sent us on a treasure hunt and suggested four things we should be looking for: 1 – What signs do you see of God’s amazing love in action? 2 – Where do you see God at work? 3 – Where do you see community unfolding? 4 – What are... Read More
We start every morning with a quick breakfast followed by devotions.   We sit on a lovely outdoor patio with views of the Volcano Fuego.   Ted Peters led us on guitar with Amazing Grace, accompanied by the harmony of the birds who seemed to be singing with us.  Nan Peters, who is serving in... Read More