520 - Village Delk Santa Rosa

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General Medicine Clinic - Dr Lauren Taylor and Carriedelle Wilson, FNP We arrived for our last day in clinic. Everyone is tired after three hot, long days in the villages. We've seen well over 1000 people. The line is long, full of eager faces. Who knows how long some of them have traveled... Read More
Pediatric Clinic - Drs Frank Schreck and Cam Lange In pediatrics, we have the distinct honor of taking care of God's precious miracles, but the responsibility is great. We're entrusted with the care of what's currently a small percentage of the world's population but what represents 100% of... Read More
Women's Health Clinic - Dr Christi Hunt Cervical cancer is the number one leading cause of cancer-related death in Guatemalan women. Our VIA/Cryo teams teach local Guatemalan practitioners to detect and treat pre-cancerous cervical cells, a life-saving screening, that is commonplace in the... Read More
(written by Fran Killelea)   Team members arrive after sometimes arduous journeys from all corners of the U.S. and Guatemala.  Time to get to know one another and our responsibilities before we set off for our clinics.  Time also to learn about the beautiful country and people of Guatemala... Read More
Clinic – Day 1 Wheelchair clinic experience – Sharon Devine and Gayle Turner, PT During the first day of clinic in Casillas, we realized how many medically complicated patients we were seeing in the wheelchair clinic. They had limited mobility due to medical illnesses, birth defects, or... Read More