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Day 7 – Back to Antigua We stuck to our schedule of devotions at 5:30, breakfast at 6:00; and on the bus by 7:00. On the way back to Antigua we stopped to see the hospital, Hilario Galindo, and Casa Milagro, the home for families with surgery patients. Faith in Practice has helped with a... Read More
Day 6 – Sibana Wrap Up Today is the last clinic day for our 2017 Kincaid/Tysse team. Everyone is punctual and cheerful as usual. The crowds of colorful welcoming people, waiting in front of the school, have become a familiar sight. Inside the gates, everyone scatters to their classroom/... Read More
Day 5 – Sibana This morning we see children heading to school in La Guitarra. They have been out for the 2 days we were using their school for our clinic. Sibana is an equal distance from our base hotel, in another direction. We arrive to find another long line of people waiting for us. Our... Read More
Day 4 – La Guitarra – Feb 14 Guatemalans love Valentine’s Day, even more than we do in the states. There was a fiesta feel with flowers and cupids everywhere.  At the school/clinic there was once again a crowd lined up waiting for us to arrive at 7:30. We got down to business very quickly... Read More
Day 3 –Clinics Begin – Feb 13 My first clinic day is here. When we arrive at the school at 7:30 am the people are lined up along the front of the school and far down the side lane. Registration and triage begin almost immediately and soon the waiting area is full and the clinics are buzzing... Read More
Day 2 – Travel West – Feb 12 An early morning team meeting, breakfast, and we are on the bus leaving Antigua and heading west toward Retalhuleu, a region in southwest Guatemala. It is a nice scenic ride; puffing volcanoes (Fuego), sugar cane, pineapples and bright yellow trees. Along the way... Read More