515 - Surgery Hartz Reu

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The day began prior to dawn by the calls of the resident flock of peacocks.  We gathered for annoucements and devotion.  Pastor Edwin expressed the idea that regardless of one's education or economic status, they have an understanding of a higher Power.  Edwin continued by saying love can be... Read More
Greetings from Guatemala.  The day started with a wonderful breakfast at the hotel, followed by a team meeting which included introductions and orientation.  We sat outside enjoying the sunshine and clear blue sky.  Starting with Dr. Wilson (Team Leader), we introduced ourselves. Four states... Read More
Before we leave Hola A couple of months ago, an email from church (Wilmington, Delaware) came across my desk asking if anyone wanted to be part of a medical mission trip to Guatemala.  The request asked for translators, a photographer and a blogger.  I have never been to Central America and... Read More