515 - Surgery Hartz Reu

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As was the case all week, the devotion today included songs Pastor Edwin has taught us (he was taking requests). Prior to praying with every patient prior to their surgery, he would inquire if there were certain concerns or areas to be specifically addressed. This morning, Edwin mentioned a... Read More
Yesterday, Pastor Edwin talked about pride/arrogance or generally considered "sin". Today, he discussed forgiveness. Some consider forgiveness as simply forgetting about the offending sin; while others view forgiveness as excusing the person for the sin. Edwin recited the Lord's Prayer which... Read More
Today's devotion concerned the creation story: Adam and Eve (translated as "earth creature" and "life source" from ancient Hebrew, respectively). They were given complete freedom with the Garden of Eden, but told not to partake of the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil". However, they did... Read More
The team was told on our first day at the hospital that the expectation is that people pay "something" for their surgeries. I met and spoke with Sergio, the hospital administrator, about the "payment" from the patient. The hospital is open 24 hours/day and sees approximately 10,000 people per... Read More
As yesterday, we started the day at 6 am with announcements and devotions. Pastor Edwin reflected that the previous day's devotion concerned love. Today, he introduced the relationship between love and justice (or in many cases injustice) by summarizing the Biblical story of Job. The main... Read More
Announcements and devotions began 30 minutes earlier today. The Biblical creation story affirms our dignity as humans are made in the image of God--original blessedness--we are called by God "very good". Surgeries began today and an overriding thought was recognizing our patient's dignity... Read More