514 - Village Thompson Suchitepequez

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The final 5:30am sees a team of providers who have hit their stride. Each one has learned how to make their clinic operate smoothly and effectively, how to bring the best out of the others they work with. Each has learned how to find resurrection in warm coffee and small talk. Morning... Read More
Now in the village of Zapote, fifteen minutes from El Progreso, the process of building a village health center from empty, rectangular concrete rooms begins again. After seeing all available patients on Tuesday evening the supplies were put back in trunks, the exam rooms neatly sectioning... Read More
The morning begins as it did yesterday and as it will each morning of the village trip – too early, and with coffee. The team sits in a circle of flimsy plastic chairs looking tired but compelled while the sun thinks about rising. Felicity and Richard, the team leads, dole out compliments and... Read More
The team arrives at the El Progreso school to hundreds of Guatemalans lined up from the front gates down along the wall, across the street, and around the corner. In America we line up for iPhones, in Guatemala they line up for healthcare. The other clinics cannot begin to see patients until... Read More
 With our minds and hearts oriented towards Guatemala we depart Antigua for the district of Suchitepéquez in the south west corner of the country. On the bus there is plenty of time to take in, one window frame at a time, how empty fields become acres of sugar cane and acres of sugar cane are... Read More
The majority of the team arrived together in Guatemala City on Friday night and made their way to the once capital city, Antigua, with the remaining members filtering in over the course of the next day. Saturday begins with a team breakfast and introductions from team leaders Felicity and... Read More