513 - Surgery Clark Reu

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Late in the afternoon on Wednesday, a family of five presented to the wheelchair clinic.  Dressed in the colorful clothing of the indigenous people, Manuel and his mother, Mariana, came from Totonicapan to be considered for a wheelchair.  Manuel is nine years old and has suffered from... Read More
Monday, January 23, 2017 Today there are 16 cases scheduled for three operating rooms.  Room one is doing non-laparoscopic general surgery—mainly hernias. Dr. Garcia scheduled three of his hardest cases for this morning and finished them without problems.  Dr. Balduf is in room two removing... Read More
Sunday, January 22, 2017 We are back for another week in Retalhuleu.  This year’s team is built around two general surgeons and one colorectal surgeon.  Over the next five days, the team will help about eighty persons who would otherwise not be able to obtain care.  For the surgery team,... Read More