Providence Reu 506

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Today we said goodbye…goodbye to our amazingly sweet patients, and goodbye to the incredible hospital staff at Hospital Hilario Galindo.  Yesterday I mentioned how bittersweet it was to finish our last surgery here in Guatemala, and today, that feeling has only grown.  In our morning time of... Read More
This morning during our reflection, our team chaplain shared with us such a wonderful quote that I thought so perfectly put our team’s heart and work into perspective.  A famous archbishop from El Salvador named Oscar Romero once said, “We may never see the end results, but that is the... Read More
As our team woke up this morning, everyone seemed to have a feeling of joy, but also exhaustion after a long last two days of surgery.  Yesterday, we had a series of cases together running well over twelve hours, and consequently, our pre and post-op units were taking care of patients even... Read More
Wow…what a day!!  Since I’ve shared with you before the typical layout of a day for our team at the hospital, and also due to the numerous touching stories our team experienced today, I would like to share just a few stories about some of our amazing patients.  The first is about a sweet... Read More
Today we woke up early yet again, but this time with the excitement of knowing the first surgeries would soon begin.  The day started with our team reflection time, where we were challenged to rethink “intensive care” so that in our mission it would also include a focus on the heart and... Read More
Today we woke up early in the morning to the humid but peaceful environment Guatemala so richly has to offer.  Our team began our day in a time of devotions, which was lead by our team chaplain Sister Phyllis.  We were challenged to begin the first day of our healthcare mission by reflecting... Read More