Paint Team Retalhuleu

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Post by Carol Jones Tourist day!! Today was our day of rest and time to play tourist. It couldn't have come at a better time, as there were some tired and sore people in our group, after the last two days of hard work but joyous experiences. As always our day started with our devotional and... Read More
Post by Carol Gruen I'm holding the ladder for Edgar. His sandal clad feet are at my eye level and of course, my mind starts wandering..... . Jesus wore sandals and was ministering and teaching at about the same age that my new friend appears to be. He is standing on the ladder I'm holding... Read More
Post by Shelley Adams Today was our first full day at the Hilario Galindo Hospital.  Our paint team is made up of 17 people, 5 of us from St. Martins Episcopal.  Upon arrival at the hospital we were greeted by at least 30 Guatemalan volunteers and or employees of the hospital!  It was an... Read More
Post by Allen Kight Today the group began the day by touring the hospital at Las Obras, which is located in Antigua.  There we were able to see some of the good work done by Faith In Practice and its volunteers and medical missionaries.  We then traveled  to the hospital where our team will... Read More
Post by Allen Kight   Dressed in my new purple Faith in Practice t-shirt, I'm off to the airport to meet up with other purple shirt wearing of Team members that are going to Guatemala to paint Hilario Galindo Hospital in the city of Santa Fe. Our group of volunteers includes people from... Read More