Surgery T. Davis Antigua

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Post by Jimmy Verner The salsa dancing lesson turned out to be a hit. Kacee and I both shot some video which I will try to post. Our instructor was Gloria, who runs Salsa con Gloria. She offers free beginner classes and also group lessons. Gloria also has La Casita de Gloria, a guest house.... Read More
Post by Jimmy Verner When we left off yesterday, Dr. Shull was about to light his 15-meter string of firecrackers. We were due to leave for our celebration dinner at 7:00. At about 6:45 the show began. Displaying at least a modicum of common sense, Dr. Shull talked one of the Quinta... Read More
Post by Jimmy Verner   Our trip to Tartine’s was very nice. I don’t know much about French food, but my ham and cheese crepe was excellent. It was nice to have the evening breeze flow through the room, too. We arrived at 7:00 and had the car pick us up at 9:00. Then it was back to Quinta to... Read More
Post by Jimmy Verner Tuesday evening we were treated to a delicious dinner of chicken with noodles and cucumber salad, followed by cake. We had some special guests, Dr. Stephen Patrick, his friend Jose, and a couple with whom they sometimes work, all aid workers in Guatemala. Also joining us... Read More
Post by Jimmy Verner Monday evening was-dinner-on-your-own night. I promised restaurant reviews, but Rochelle and I pooped out, along with Dr. Lynch, Scrub Nurse Kacee Engelke and a newcomer, Scrub Nurse Amanda Wise. We ate here, at the bar/restaurant at Quinta de las Flores. The beef... Read More
Post by Jimmy Verner Sunday evening, as the medical staff returned from triage at the hospital, we congregated in the restaurant here at Quinta de las Flores...The cooks made us a popular re-do of a dish from last year, large ripe avocados split in two with a delicious chicken-based filling... Read More